May 13 2012

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I have been told by thousands of sources to tell what they have told me. In the beginning of all life existed a thought. A thought so profound that it resulted in an action, that transformed nothing into something. We see empirical proof of the manifestation of this thought by it’s physical results everywhere around us. This is something everyone inherently knows.

We visualize our next immediate thought, which immediately becomes our future. We remember what we did seconds ago as our past. There is no present, past or future; unless we create it first in our minds, and then in our actions. This is the essence of our existence. This is what all sages have told us. Now is Then, and Then is Now.

In the prison of our reality we conform to the dictates of others. We assume the rolls of leaders and followers, creators and created. I create you , you create me, we create each other as we wish each other to be. I create friends and enemies. No one is my enemy if I do not wish them to be. No one is my friend if I do not want them to be. I can not love someone; unless I want to. I can not hate anyone; unless I want to hate them.

Our opinions of each other are shaped by our own prejudices,our own experiences,our past and present teachings. What and who we allow to influence us create the thoughts we hold as our values, our truths, our reasons to do what we do. We have our own thoughts, created by our own minds, listened to by our own hearts. Our intuition continually guides us, but so many of us refuse to listen to it. So many of us refuse to accept their own thoughts as sacred. So many of us refuse to elevate ourselves to the status of free thinkers and individuals. If we simply trust the gentle voice of our intuition, then we will always be centered in reality. We will never be wrongly influenced by others. We will always be able to identify the truth.

The truth I speak of is always with us. We are the proof. Our existence proves the truth of our creation. Our existence proves the truth of our own ability to create. We are the result of a thought. When we are born we become the co creators of our destiny, the co creators of our own creation. Those who perish young are victims of their own thoughts and thoughts of others, or they are fullfilling their destiny. We can not know another person’s destiny except in the way it affects our own. It takes work, learning, trust, faith, knowledge and wisdom to break the spiritual and physical bonds that imprison us. Some receive all at young ages. Others receive these gifts when they are elderly, some never become enlightened. The time we receive this understanding of ourselves, depends upon the strength, resolve and intelligence of the individual. Those who can not see may suffer an eternity of doubt and fear, or their existence may completely end if they do not continue to create it. Our lives can both spiritually and physically cease if we choose to end them. We all exist by our will to exist. Why are we told, we can not die spiritually; even if we will ourselves to die?

Every society strives for the conformity of its members. Every society insists on conformity to rules, laws and the mandated morality of its members. A free thinker is always dangerous to society. He or she is criticized, marginalized, punished, continually reprogrammed by their parents and teachers and other authorities, until they either concede to the demands of authority, or completely rebel.

All of our prophets and sages have taught us to know ourselves above all else. Trust ourselves and our God given intuition to decide what we are to become. We already know. It is within us,speaking to us, directing us forward, guiding every moment we exist. We are created as free thinkers, free souls, free to co create with the one who created us, to become what we most want to be. Rebels are what we were created to be. Rebels not against our creator or ourselves,but rebels against all who oppress us, all who try to deny us our personal freedom, to be who we know we are.


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