Jun 30 2007

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Everything English is an absolute bore even their stupid terror hoaxes. I can’t stand anything to do with Great Britain, even the damned British accent has become intollerable to me. As soon as I hear a British commentator on television or radio I turn the station. I can’t stand the British thing anymore. Their media is as phoney as their Queen and her grand prince puppies Harry and William.

It’s about time for this British infatuation by Americans to end. Why does it surprise anyone, that there would be a terror threat in London? Why should it surprise anyone they chose the week before the Fourth of July to create this media terror hoax, and one day before the Princes’ big concert in honor of their dead mother?( Diana was possibly killed by MI6, to coverup her pregnancy with Dodie Al Fiad.The recent threat may have served to remind the princes of their place.) Why is it a surprise, that this London terror hoax was created while the American people were reveling with pride over their unified and organized nationwide revolt against their own government, by vehemently opposing the globalist sponsored immigration bill? Does it really suprise anyone that our globalist controlled news media flooded the airwaves with this London bombing threat? It was a perfect non deadly way to make the American people quickly forget their victory. A bomb that didn’t go off. A bomb planted in a late model Mercedes Benz near a night club. ( Has anyone ever heard of Al Qaida using a late model Mercedes for a car bomb? They wouldn’t waste 50 or 60,000 dollars on a car they want to blow up. They would have sent a suicide bomber.)A nail bomb identical to the bombs built by MI6 (British Intelligence agency) to discredit and blame the IRA, was found planted in the car. The bomb was found in seconds after it was ignited, and within minutes after finding the bomb the British police announced it was an Al Qaida Islamic terrorist bomb, with there having absolutely no evidence to point to Al Qaida. BULL SHIT! The British MI6 terror plots are as boring and phoney and predictable, as their British accents and BBC news and mystery series.

The Beatle “Love” reunion, what is that all about? I wasn’t interested enough in the Beatles to tune in their interview with Larry King. I saw Yoko Ono in a press picture with a big white hat on standing with Paul and Ringo behind a white bass drum. I heard on some broadcast that she said, “Paul is a great man”. I guess that was the highlight of the interview. I read an article on my radio show recently; that was written by a rock guitarist,Ted Nugent stating, that two of Paul McCartney’s roadies told him they were fired for eating hamburgers. It appears that Paul McCartney doesn’t like people who eat meat. Cirque De Solai is using Beatle songs during their “LOVE” performances, but Micheal Jackson owns the rights to the Beatle Song Book? Are the remaining Beatles getting paid just to promote the circus? Why not? Since the death of John and George, Paul and Ringo have become circus acts.

I was very pleased to see Tony the Poodle step down as Prime Minister. But I was very disturbed to know that he has been installed by his globalist masters to become the middle east envoy to bring about a peace between Palestine and Israel. Who is better to bring peace to the war torn area; than one of the idiots who began the Iraq war and is the former leader of the country that occupied Palestine and set up Israel? G.W Bush will likely join him after he’s impeached.

Finally the boring British puppy princes have decided to honor their dead mother by having a six hour concert a few days before America’s Birthday celebration, at $90 dollars per ticket, all proceeds going to Diana’s favorite charities. (Land Mine Recovery?) I’m surprised they didn’t have it on the Fourth of July. Another distraction for Americans to remind them where they once came from, and to forget how much our founding fathers hated the British. For those who don’t know by now the English Government spies on their own people more than any other government in the world. They have cameras on every street corner and recently installed loud speakers, to tell anyone who gathers at a street corner, or is doing something the police consider suspicious, to break it up or move away or they will be arrested. A total police state.

Please don’t believe, that the recent Terror Hoax in London was real. It was a a phoney terror scare. A terror plot planted by the British Government, to scare their own people and to try and scare the American people. The American revolution was against the British Government, the most oppressive , imperialistic government the world had ever known since the Roman Empire. The British were responsible for the murder of countless millions of people around the world. We fought them successfully once and gained our independence. We must keep it.

George Orwell in the 1930’s , wrote about the future of a fictious England in his novel 1984. To date almost everything he stated has come true. I read a report by a leading English newspaper on my radio show recently, that stated substantial traces of Prozac and other mood alterating drugs were found throughout Great Britains major drinking water supplies. The article attributed the drugs found in the water to be from the excessive amount of these drugs taken by the British people, that was not being filtered out from the recycled sewer water. Anyone in their right mind would sooner believe, that the water is being drugged. U.S drinking water supplies are floridated. Floride was first used by the Nazis and added to Germany’s water supply,to deliberatly sedate the German population so they would not fight back or revolt against the Nazi take over. Propaganda, mass mind control,drugging the water supply and fear from terrorism, were all population control techniques perfected under the direction of Nazi Germany, and later refined and expanded upon by the English and American governments under the direction of the Tavistock Institute in London, England. The British took the Nazi techniques and broadened them into their occupied countries.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as well as the entire British music invasion was a planned and orchestrated black ops, mass mind control operation, originating from the Tavistock Institute. Would it surprise anyone to know that most of the music of the British musical invasion was written at the Tavistock Institute, by sophistocated musicians not the attributed artists. The most successful Boy Bands of the early ’60s were created at the Tavistock Institute. One last note of interest is that LSD was discovered by Tavistock scientists, and distributed by British and American agents throughout America and other industrialized countries given free to all who wanted it, on the streets and at rock concerts. Illegal drugs have always been one of the main economic staples of the British government. The British East India Company’s main cargo was opium . George Orwell’s father was a British customs officer assigned to the British East India Co. His sole job was to insure the safe passage and proper stamping of crates of opium from India and China. Is there any wonder why Afghanistan now after five years of U.S and British occupation, exports 90 percent of all the opium sold through out the world? This statistic is a quote from a recent U.N study released in June 2007. Knowing all of this, can anyone still love England?


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