Jul 01 2007

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Since I was very young I have always gravitated to the wrong side of everything. My friends were always the wrong friends, my fashion was always the wrong thing to wear, my words were always the wrong thing to say,and my ways of thinking or solving problems was not considered by others as the right way.

I have always been outspoken and opinionated. Anything that didn’t sound right, or look right, or feel right to me, I had to investigate or make a comment on. I was always the guy who felt for the underdog in a fight, and would often attempt to equalize the fight. Usually once a defender comes to someone’s defense the bully or the group back off. But this attitude and impulse of mine has often been costly to me both socially and physically. Though in retrospect I don’ t think I would have done anything differently, except try to be less impulsive in a confrontation. I’m working on that.

I am not as tollerant today as I once was. As a kid I often accepted what authority figures would tell me without questioning their authority. I didn’t know enough to combat them verbally or intellectually, so I would remain silent and too often reluctantly follow their advice or follow their orders. This would always seem to warrant a reprimand or an insult from a teacher or parent, or some other adult, who would say, I was too slow, or too obstinate, or that I just didn’t care.

It took some time for me to develop the confidence, experience and knowledge to realize, that many of these authority figures were not always very intelligent, or they were bluffing , or they were down right liars and cheats. As I grew up I discovered that many adults were bigoted, mean , insensitive, and in many instances absolutely stupid.

I was with a good friend of mine last night and we spoke as two wrong siders would speak. We compared notes and spoke of the latest 911 evidence, we spoke of chemtrails and weather modifications, we spoke of political corruption, we spoke of globalism and illegal immigration. We spoke of everything most people don’t speak of. The one thing that we both understand well and what bonds us is our understanding of how very slow the general public is in catching on, to what is going on right in front of them. They refuse to see the subtle inferences of manipulation all around them, the obvious signs of mass mind control, and propaganda techniques. The deliberate poisoning of the air and food and water by our own government and major corporations, for profit and population control (google Agenda 21 or Global 2000). The general public does not see the Matrix they live in. They do not research, or read, or listen to anyone, who gives an opposing view of the official government stance on an issue, or the bought off and censored opinions of the corporate and government controlled media.

Wrong siders like my friend and I often get frustrated by what we see and hear, but we are extremely grateful to the many authors, and documentary film makers, and other wrong siders like ourselves. People who insist that the world hear opposing views, and be made aware of the truth of both sides of issues, and use their minds as they were created to be used; instead of allowing political parties, main stream news outlets, government, educational and religious dictates, dogma, and propaganda, to destroy through fear and atrophy their remaining gray matter.

We may insult many people with our statements however, truth is often insulting to those who have believed lies. Truth is often disturbing and politically incorrect. Truth is what wrong siders seek. Truth is our guide and our goal. We try to teach all who will watch, listen to, or read our work. Keeping silent is not our way. No one can teach by remaining silent. No one can change themselves or their society by remaining silent. Truth is compelling, it is all consuming, it is life changing , and it is difficult to discover.

I thank my friend and other friends and truth teachers; who have cared enough and thought enough of me to share their discoveries with me. I thank all the writers and film makers and lecturers and journalists and people of integrity and honesty and seekers of truth; who like myself have always been on the wrong side. I know that they and I are truly on the right side, as so often the truth seems to be with us. All the truth seekers through out history were first considered to be on the wrong side. All the greatest philosophical , technical and educational achievements of mankind were created and achieved by men and women who were criticized , ridiculed, hated and condemned and considered by the general public to be wrong siders. I thank all wrong siders for their perseverance and convictions. I thank them all for their gifts to mankind. I praise them all with the highest compliment one individual can bestow on another individual. I wish for them to know, that their courage,talent, faith and foresight are appreciated and defended by many. All who are wrong siders like myself must know they are not alone, and there are millions like my friend and I, who are standing with you.


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