Jul 06 2016

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I am as surprised at the FBI decision not to indict Hillary as anyone could be. Donald Trump said it right when he said “The System is Rigged!”  I agree with him. I don’t know why I get excited when I think I see a glimmer of hope for America. I have seen the system at work as a voter for over 40 years, and was always hopeful regardless of how bad things were, that things couldn’t get much worse, until now.  I would like to turn away and say fuck the world, I can’t make a change to it. Even with millions of readers, once my words become a part of the media mainstream and alternative media, I become censored and ignored, because my words are too dangerous or too blatantly true and blunt, that it shakes up those it is meant to in the FCC,CIA, FBI,NSA, Obama administration, and the Hillary Clinton campaign, and every troll and minion at their disposal.

Today I am as pissed as anyone could be at the FBI non indictment of Hillary , when her incompetence, wickedness, greed and complete indifference to the law, and complete absence of a moral compass, were publicly displayed and 147 FBI agents spent over one year investigating Hillary and Bill Clinton for corruption, and espionage and violation of the RICO ACT, for Racketeering.   Obama has obviously become Hillary’s pet dog, who she can manipulate and make bark and jump and roll over at her command, and publicly endorse her as “the most qualified candidate”. The farce of these two covering up for each other is beyond the pale of hypocrisy , it is outright criminal.  FBI Director Comey is an obvious Obama /Hillary shill and should be forced to resign by Congressional vote.  He is a coward and corrupt, trained as an  Apprentice to Ashcroft, G.W. Bush’s first Attorney General, who was force to resign for corruption.

Lorretta Lynch was publicly promised her position as Attorney General by Hillary Clinton if she won the election. She was appointed by Bill Clinton as a prosecutor  and owes the Clintons her career. She openly invited Bill Clinton into her private jet, to cause a public outcry, to provide a reason for her to step aside and make the FBI Director take the blame for his statement, that let Hillary Clinton off and free of indictment. Hillary, Bill, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama and all of their sycophant followers are the biggest crooks and liars, this country has ever seen, even when compared to every crook and pathological liar in the G.W Bush administration.

I have lost all faith in American Justice, and American elections. Unless every American sees , feels, and understands the grave betrayal, to the American people by their Justice Dept., and highest law enforcement agencies in government, and everyone in government , who accepts the FBI decision, and allows Hillary Clinton to go free and unindicted, and become the Democrat Party Nominee, there is no  hope for America. We have become a third world dictatorship, and the laughing stock of the world.  No one can take our word seriously , and no one can take Hillary Clinton or her pet dog Barack Obama seriously .  Obama is  Hillary’s pet dog, covering up his own treachery and dog shit, as a supporter of Jihad and Islamic Terrorism throughout the world.  Obama is a “Radical Muslim” who refuses to use the term , because he and Hillary Clinton are the creators of ISIS.   He and Hillary Clinton want the destruction of the Middle East and the U.S and expect to be paid billions of dollars for their betrayal by corporations and foreign countries. The FBI still hasn’t ruled on the Clinton Foundation and their fraudulent charity, that sells government secrets and access to any country that pays them.  For this to happen Obama must be fully complicit. Obama must protect Hillary Clinton , or she will destroy him by divulging  his complicity, in allowing her to have an unsecured server, and sending her top secret emails, available to any intelligence service in the world. Why did he allow this, and why is he so eagerly supporting her, nearly humping her leg in their recent public appearances and speeches together ?

This FBI decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, was the worst I have ever witnessed. By doing this the FBI has lost all credibility from the American people, and have proven that any poor white or minority person in America will not , and can not receive justice under this corrupt system.  Maybe Donald Trump would create a massacre of the FBI and Justice Dept personnel, State Dept. and Military, and clean house of every remnant of the Bush and Clinton legacies by firing all who have betrayed the American people, and condemn them for their treason.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016




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