Jul 01 2016

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Donald Trump appears to be leaning towards the two worst possible choices for Vice President. Chris Christie is the worst choice, and Newt Gingrich is the second worst choice for VP.  These two men are disliked by 90% of Americans. No Liberal American would even consider voting for either men, and Trump’s consideration of them only cements his negatives. Christie would kill the Trump candidacy, and Gingrich would dredge up old memories of Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and the passage of NAFTA and other horrid Republican concessions, and horrid decisions.  There is nothing but negatives either Christie or Gingrich can bring to the Trump ticket.

I am beginning to believe Donald Trump isn’t very bright, and his material success may be attributed to his inherited wealth and advantage, rather than his personal competence.  The great negotiators he speaks often of in his speeches are nameless and unknown to the American people. They are all members of the 1% who are as wealthy and ambitious as Trump but smarter, and they will make up his cabinet and administration.  Trump may have a vision for America, but so far what I have seen and heard from him is empty rhetoric. He rides high for a week after he delivers a well written speech, then a day or two later he craps on himself by considering Chris Christie as his possible running mate.  What idiots are running his campaign? He is either listening to his sons and daughter, who know nothing about running a political campaign, or he is listening to complete idiots, since he fired his original campaign manager, who made him the “Presumptive Nominee”, then Trump takes on Republican Hacks to manage his campaign into the ground.  Trump just doesn’t get it. He doesn’t understand that the Republican Party does not want him to win, or be the Republican Nominee.   His hiring of two proven Republican Losers  Rodger Stone and the most discredited Republican pollster in the country, says everything about Donald Trump’s leadership ability.

It appears that Trump may be left with Christie and Gingrich as the only two people who are willing to be Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate. No one else in the Republican Party wants the job, and may consider the position of Trump’s VP as a career buster.  Chris Christie has lost all respect of the American voters, after receiving less than 5% of New Hampshire Republicans in the Primary, and having record low approval ratings as Governor in his own state of New Jersey.  The announcement today of these potential VP picks being vetted proves to me and possibly the rest of the American people, that Donald Trump does not have the good judgement or character to be President of the United States and is on par with Hillary Clinton as being the worst possible Presidential Candidate in the 2016 race.


L.A. Steel

Independent Write In Presidential Candidate 2016



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