Apr 01 2008

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If you are reading this you are probably sitting in front of your computer screen at home or at work. You may already be stressed out, and may be wondering , where my madness is leading me today.

In appreciation for your visit I want to give you a gift of inspiration . This quick and effective technique works most of the time, in fact it is inspiring me at this moment.

Sit up straight in your chair, and breathe in and out five times. Stand up and twirl completely around twice. Sit down and let your mind, and body relax for a few seconds. Picture in your mind the most beautiful place you have ever seen. It must be a place that has nothing negative attached to it. Don’t dwell on it for too long, just long enough to get a solid image. Then keep that image somewhere in your mind, so it can be easily recalled . If you are headed to a boring meeting, your boss just gave you his latest criticism of your work, or your co worker just had their morning meltdown, the kids are fighting , the dog just took a dump on your carpet, or whatever may have just upset you, stop everything you are doing for a moment, and recall your perfect thought. Let it drift in front of you as if it were blowing in a gentle breeze. Breathe in and out twice. I guarantee it will make everything look better, at least for a short while, and it can be repeated as often as needed.


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