Apr 02 2008

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I was trying to think up a new thought today, but all I could think of was old thoughts. The thoughts I was thinking about were thoughts I had already thought of. As I was thinking of a new thought, I began to think, that all thoughts are really old thoughts just packaged differently. It’s similar to someone wearing an old suit, and no one notices, until someone says ,” Hey I like your new suit.” the suit wearer replies by smiling and saying thank you; even though the suit might be 20 years old, but is back in style. Someone told me once that rich people don’t buy new clothes. They just recycle them, or hand them down to their kids, or grand kids. They do the same thing with all of their belongings. That’s why they are rich. They don’t spend money on what everyone else considers necessities.

I’ve known several very wealthy people, who buy their clothes at thrift shops and drive junker cars. Their homes are cold and drafty, and their furniture can not be sat on because of age, and also because it prevents wear and tear. Many wealthy people have outdoor pot luck events. They expect their less wealthy guests to provide the food and drinks, or if they must provide food and beverage they hold a fund raiser for some charity and charge for their expenses. It’s their way. That’s why they are rich and the rest of the world is not.

Many wealthy people became wealthy because they inherited their weatlh. Everyone has heard the term “Old Money”. These wealthy people got their wealth from one of their relatives, who might have had an original thought and turned it into a fortune, and for the next 100 years all of their ancestors were wealthy and never had to think an original thought again. This is a great way to be rich. Wait for someone to die who is rich and become rich yourself.

As I was writing this I had a new thought, which might have been an old thought that I forgot. My new or forgotten thought was , Well, I forgot it. Unfortunately I don’t have any rich relatives, so I’ll have to think up something new to replace the new forgotten thought I just had. Maybe I can go into my files and find an old thought and recycle it. All the political candidates and pundits do it all the time. In fact I can’t think of any new thought I’ve heard of or read since the 1960s, but I was a kid then and most thoughts were new to me. As I was growing up I was taught old thoughts everyone I learned from said were new thoughts. I read thoughts that were thousands of years old, and wondered why I was trying to understand thousand year old thoughts; instead of thinking up new ones. I wondered if human beings had the ability to make up new thoughts , because everything we have been taught is an old thought , or something someone else thought of . I realized at a young age , that I didn’t think like everyone else. I would always try to think my own thoughts. That hasn’t been easy , but every now an then I do think an original thought. It might not make sense to anyone else, but neither did most of the great thinkers of new thoughts find immediate acceptence by old thought thinkers . My new thought for today is to think of something new, something no one else has ever thought about. I’ll bet no one has ever thought about being on Dancing with the Stars at 100 years old,with Marie Osmond as their dancing partner, and winning; after completing brilliant performances of the Jive and The Bolero. Although Larry King and Mike Wallace might have thought about it.

A new thought just occurred to me . If there are seven billion people on planet earth and every person has one thought every few seconds, what are the odds of anyone ever having an original thought? That is a thought I think is worth thinking about. After you have thought about this thought for a moment think about what the odds are of my having just made up that thought, having never thought about it until now. The answer to my question may create other new thoughts for anyone who can answer it , and to anyone like myself who can’t answer it. Right now you are probably thinking “What the hell is this guy talking about ?” Regardless what you are thinking right now , it is my sincerest hope that my thought has made you think.


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