Mar 27 2012

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Consider for a moment all the special friendships you have shared in your life. Consider the closest relationships you have had or still have with a friend or relative. As you consider these friendships consider also why the bond might have been broken , or why they may be sacred to you. The path to friendship is the same path to Brotherhood. Brotherhood is a collective rather than individual consciousness. Brotherhood is an idealic state of mind, that encompasses all of mankind, though it is initiated in the individual and pursued by the individual, for the greater good of his own existence and that of Humanity.

Regardless of the conditions each of us live under there is a bond that we all have in relationship to one another. This bond is evident when we hear of another person’s hardship, or other countries and cultures that exist under oppressive governments, or are suffering harsh and brutal lives from starvation and hopelessness. We all understand the intitial concern , shock or uneasiness we feel when we see another person suffer. That feeling we have is the universal connection we have to all humanity. It is the pulse and flow of common blood rushing through our veins that sense danger, caution, and concern. It is a psychic and intuitive concern that haunts our daily lives, though we go about our business and conduct our affairs as best we can, within the protected confines of our own knowledge and wisdom, the high and moral defenses; that protect us from outside harm, or inside threats of dispair and depression or feelings of hopelessness.

When we see a child in need or suffering from neglect or abuse, most people will immediately come to the aid of that child. Most people with a common thread of human concern will call the authorities, intervene the best that they can to try and protect the child from further harm or abuse. Is a child so different than and adult ? Are adults not also abused or neglected or lost ? Why can we not feel the same concern for an adult as we do for a child ? Perhaps it is because we fear that adult ? Perhaps we try to ignore and walk passed a homeless or suffering person, or try not to think of them, because we are intitially repulsed by their condition, and fear their unpredictablity or possible insanity, or prejudge their condition without knowing the circumstances that brought them to the desparate state they are in. We may say to ourselves , “but for the sake of God go I.” I have said this more than once, when confronted by homeless and destitute people on a street. I have been unable at times to help them, financially or emotionally, but I have said a silent prayer for them and asked the universe to grant them the peace of mind and blessings I have received in my life. The greatest gifts from the Universe, that I have ever received were the abilities to understand my present reality and obtain the knowledge needed to succeed in manifesting a safe and sound reality. The homeless are homeless , because they can not embrace a vision of anything other than what brought them to homelessness in the first place. Their vision could be the euphoria of drugs, the bitter memories of spousal or child abuse, the collapse of their company or business , extended unemployment, physical or mental illness, the death of their loved ones, or loss of their family . The homeless veteran often has an overwhelming sense of shame, or guilt and suffers from Post Tramatic Stress, having seen his friends killed or blown up in front of them. Being forced to murder another human being in war and self defense or their being responsible for the callous killing of entire families, villages, towns,\or cities. The karmic effects of these attrocities are immediate and crippling. The effects can render the veteran , helpless, aimless and in many cases drug dependent, or severly emotionally or physically wounded.

There is an existing brotherhood. Its existence is proven by the moral and inherent desire of all men and women within the Brotherhood to reconnect our bonds to one another, for the greatest good of ourselves and our fellow men and women. Each step we take upon our narrow path towards achieving universal compassion , and wisdom leads us to greater heights on our progressive ascension . As our individual consciousness ascends we gradually cast off our pain and suffering, fear, or worry because our collected knowledge and wisdom allow us to manifest a sacred reality. As we ascend to the summit of our potential as individuals it is our duty and utmost responsiblity to show others the way . Our path should not remain narrow and kept secret. It should become a highway for many to ride and walk upon . We can not fear that too many people will follow or accept our message or our aid to them, because all pathways to ascension are regulated .The Brotherhood is not for all . Brotherhood is only for those who share the desire to understand and achieve the highest and best of themselves and those around them. Friendship and charity can only be given to those who will accept it. It can not be forced on someone, nor can it be appreciated by everyone ; unless they are ready to become a brother or sister to all others. Can a true initiate of the Brotherhood of enlightened beings ignore the suffering of another less fortunate than themselves? It is an impossiblity . A truly enlightened being and member of the eternal brotherhood has a fraternal bond with every man, woman and child in the world. It is the responsibility of every member of the Brotherhood to share their gifts and their lives with all who are seeking or struggling on the path to enlightenment. These initiates are eagar and hungry for the knowledge and wisdom we can provide. These initiates are the fledglings under the care of the Brotherhood, and Hierarchy and must be nurtured not ignored or abused, or humiliated, or left in the darkness to await their release from a self imposed prison.

The Brotherhood of Man is real, it does exit. The Brotherhood is not exclusive or made up of wealthy elitists or mysterious magicians. The Brotherhood is comprised of men and women from all cultures, all economic levels, all levels of knowledge. This is The Brotherhood. If we accept initiation in the Brotherhood we become obligated to help mankind on its journey to enlightenment, and allow ourselves to be taught the lessons of living and ascended Masters, to guide us towards the fullfillment of our destiny.


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