Mar 27 2012

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I never understood the biblical statement of “Blessed are the meek.” It never made any sense to me, nor did most of what I was told were the words of Christ. I always believed that these statements were less than divine and made up by men who wanted to keep their own power and control over the masses. ” Blessed are the meek ” was one of those statements that I was certain was made up by the Roman Catholic Church. What better way to dominate an entire group of people than to insist that only the meek in a society are blessed. Does this mean that the strong are cursed ? NO!! Shouts the Protestant faithful. “Yes, I mean maybe, or perhaps.” Whispers the Catholic faithful.” “ABSURD!” Shouts the rational , unaffected Universalist. Strength is a blessing , the Strong will always rule the earth . The Strong will always win battles and wage battles against an aggressive enemy, or they will dominate a passive population by instituting government to tax or punish all who disobey their rule. The Meek are fools and prey for the Strong. That is human nature, and nature itself.

A single individual can not rule over others unless the others allow the individual this power. It is absolutely foolish to allow one person or a small group of people to be given so much power over the lives of so many. For many to allow an individual to have power over them is the greatest mistake commonly made by Humanity. Every individual has an equal amount of power to influence another individual or group of individuals, until an individual gives his power away. That power is the authority to make up his own mind, and live his own life unhindered by the dictates of others. Once one person gives away his or her own power to another person, the other then has the power of two and one has no power. This can be done infinitely until one individual has collected the power of an entire nation or the collected power of everyone in the world.

I believe that I am my own President, Congress, and Supreme Court. I am the leader of my own Church. I make the decisions that I choose to pursue my life. If I wish to grant any power to someone else then I loose that power and authority. I will never give away my moral, political , or physical authority to anyone. I will bow down to no human authority. I will not allow another person , or group of persons to dictate their laws or their hypocrisy or insane philosophy to me. I do not care if they are insistent that they are right . If they are right then why do they need to dictate their demands . If they are right then I will agree with them. If they are right then the universal truth will show itself to me and I will accept their thoughts, but on my terms as they relate to my life.

These statements may sound arrogant or unrealistic to some however, those who believe as I do will agree with my statements. Those who do agree with my statements are not of the family of Meek. They are of the family of Strong. The Strong must at times submit to certain oppressive laws issued by other Strong members of his society, because they are pursueded not to rebel , or contest the rule of others , because it may favor their individual circumstances, or the power of the Stronger is more powerful than their own. A ten foot tall 400 pound Man has a definite physical advantage over a 160 pound 5 ft 10 inch man in a battle. But if we consider the courage and cunning of Ulysess used against the Cyclops or the courage and accurate aim of David used against Goliath, these historical or mythical confrontations confirm the possiblity; that one individual can overcome any physical inequity, if an individual refuses to believe victory is impossible. Every adult individual has been given a unique ability to overcome the obstacles in his or her own life. It is up to that individual to accept , develop and use that ability not give it away, or allow it to atrophy from lack of use. Unfortunately their will always be the Meek because Nature creates preditors and victims. Natures highest creation Mankind is the only inhabitant on Earth ; that has the ability to discern the difference and has the moral capacity to defend the helpless.

Indifference is the greatest thief. Indifference of one’s own surroundings steals the strength and eventually the soul of an individual. We see millions of people wandering the earth going about their daily lives aimless and indifferent to others. We see callous and cruel people attempt to swindle and steal and destroy others to gain money, power or status. We see horrid crimes committed by men and women and children, who have lost all reason and sanity due to their sense of helplessness, and the desparate need for control in their lives. These crimes are committed by the Meek who have been pushed to the limits of their tollerance. Pushed to the extremes of desparation, because they have nothing else. Their ultimate indifference to life and their defiance against their own existence, leads them to suicide or end the lives of others. The mass murders committed by these individuals in our current culture are testaments to the growing desparation of the Meek in our society. One single individual has the power to exterminate dozens if not hundreds of other individuals from this one senseless act of self hatred. If his victims were not preconditioned by their society to cower to a stronger individual; they would defend themselves against the killer with a clever strategy or simply by brute force. Those victims would not have been victims. Even if one Strong individual stood up to the killer to protect himself and others he or she may have survived the assault and saved other lives. The Meek are always the slaughtered. The Meek are always the victims. The Meek become the slaves.

It is time now to stand up to all who oppress or threaten us. It is time to take back our collective and individual powers to stand up and take control of our lives , our communities, and our governments. Indifference is our greatest enemy. Our enemy is not standing next to us or opposite us , our enemy is within us. It is us. Indifference is ignorance, and ignorance creates victims. The Meek who will not stand up to defend themselves or anyone else are those who say “I do not want to get involved.” I don’t care what happens to anyone else as long it doesn’t happen to me.’ Who is George Washington? ” Who is Dick Cheney?” “Who is my neighbor ?” “What is a constitution ?” “The Pope is my spiritual leader” “I only believe what I am told to believe by my church and my Government.” “I love this Kool Aid.” Genetically modified food is so good for people .” I love the smell of car fumes and smog in the morning .” I will never be a victim; unless I am a victim to myself ,unless I choose to allow myself to be beaten , imprisoned, misled, enslaved , killed, poisoned, or cannabalised by someone else. Do I have this choice ? Everyone has this choice. Everyone either chooses to be a victim or to be a defender of the victim. History and our own experience have taught us, that it is always better to be a defender. Defenders may meet Death , but only once. Death will come to a victim three times , first by shame of cowardice,second by humiliation of slavery, and third by ultimate destruction.


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