Sep 11 2014

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Calling 911 on 9/11

Today is 9/11/14, exactly 13 years ago the World Trade Center was demolished by suspected  “Terrorists” yet all independent investigations since 9/11/01 proved, that the attack was a false flag operation and the WTC was destroyed by controlled demolitions planted by orders of the G.W Bush Administration to the CIA and Israeli Mossad. They murdered 3000 American people  to shock and  provoke America into war against Afghanistan and Iraq, which has so far lasted 12 years at a cost of over 3 trillion dollars and the lives of thousands of American soldiers and  millions of Iraqi and Afghanistan people and is still ongoing.

Why President Obama gave his State Of The Union Address last night on the eve of 9/11 regarding ISIS and their current “Terror” threat to the U.S and the Middle East was simply to remind Americans and all people around the world, that the U.S isn’t going to stop the wars as Obama promised in his election and re-election speeches. He revealed to the world in his speech, that his plan is to escalate the war in the Middle East and increase air strikes on “Terrorists” and civilians.  His statements of more aggression against Middle Eastern countries is another way to justify a U.S missile attack against Syria, that was thwarted in September of last year by Russia’s President Putin and the outcry of world opinion.  The threat of ISIS is another false flag like 911 to provoke Americans to continue the war in the Middle East. It has been revealed by top military personal interviewed publicly by the media, that  ISIS is and always has been a U.S and Israeli created radical Islamic group highly weaponized and financed by the U.S three years ago to destroy Libya, then to turn against Syria.  Just as the U.S created Al-Qiada to fight against the Russians in Afghanistan, and later pose as a false threat to the U.S, they are doing the same thing with ISIS, and the American people appear to be falling for the false flag psyops operation again. Through the proposed threat of ISIS the Obama administration can pursue war  against another imaginary enemy, divert more taxpayer billions to the Military Industrial Complex corporations and congressional cronies before the Mid Term Elections, divert public attention away from his domestic failures and bolster his bruised foreign policy image.

On this day of 9/11/14 all citizens everywhere must take a hard and focused look at themselves and their governments, and understand why and how they are being manipulated by the false threat of “Terror” and the thieves and criminals in their government and major corporations,  who are manipulating all the news, all money, all elections, all food, all water, all weapons, all courts, all justice and injustice. No individual or celebrity gets wall to wall national attention in the media unless it is a diversion for real news. No one gets real news from the main stream media. Every aspect of the media , television networks , news papers, radio,  and most major news websites are completely controlled, and censored by corporate and government agencies. This is well known by millions of Americans.

Let today be a day of awakening for all people around the world. Let this article be a 911 emergency call to the world to warn people everywhere,that the once great nation of The United States is being destroyed by the corporate media, who coverup the actions of criminals in the U.S Government and corporations by promoting and encouraging the apathy and ignorance of the vast majority of the American people, who believe that this fascist state of America is a democracy.

L.A. Steel


The Barack Obama Bird

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