Sep 12 2014

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Ray Rice, The NFL And The Main Stream Media



By now millions of people have seen the Ray Rice knock out video on local and network television news and the internet. The full security video recently released to youtube.com by TMZ shows a far more violent and serious altercation between the two lovebirds Ray and Jenay.  Rice threw a left hook that caught Jenay in the jaw after she lunged at him in the elevator to hit him.

I can understand the outrage of the women’s group NOW against Ray Rice and the NFL however, I have to wonder what would have happened if Jenay had knocked Ray out in the elevator and dragged his body out to the lobby.  Who would be defending Ray Rice, or would he be nationally humiliated by his wife having knocked him out in a domestic brawl?  Many  women are abusive in relationships and even homicidal. Violence by women is seldom widely reported by the media unless a man or child is killed. The 16 women senators, who criticized  the NFL yesterday by demanding they enact  Zero Tolerance of domestic violence by the players of professional football, who play the most celebrated brutal sport in the country is outright blatant hypocrisy.  These 16 women senators have presided over hearings and voted for wars and the continuation of U.S atrocities, war crimes and human rights violations of U.S citizens, and the genocide and torture of innocent people around the world.  Any kind of criticism against violence by these harpies of hypocrisy is a complete farce.

Women’s prisons are filled with violent offenders however, very little is ever mentioned in the media about them.  Women have committed some of the most violent and horrid crimes, killing their own children, killing their spouses, boyfriends, or family members.  As I watched the Ray Rice video it looked as if he was fending off an attack by Jenay as she came at him to strike him.  It was stated that she was intoxicated. No one knows or has even asked if Jenay had a violent and explosive personality. Those who judged Ray Rice just assumed that because he was a pro football player he was prone to abusing women.  Several months later Jenay  married Ray and spoke out publicly that she forgave him and loved him. What right does anyone have in judging a private quarrel and publicly exposing an embarrassing  security video from a hotel elevator. This is a total violation of Ray and Jenay Rice’s right to privacy. This incident happened in February of this year and was tried in April. Ray Rice was then suspended by the NFL for two games and given by the court a mandatory one year probation and 12 months in an Anger Management program. Now since the public outcry against the NFL decision the Commissioner changed his mind and imposed an indefinite suspension of Ray Rice from the NFL, and the Ravens owner and players have publicly condemned Rice for his actions. The hypocrisy of the NFL and the Ravens is overwhelming.

Millions of domestic violence cases go before the courts every year in the U.S alone and are either dismissed or the offenders are given mild or severe sentences depending on how bad the offense was.   The outrage by women’s groups against the NFL Commissioner is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and women’s rights. They have no right to destroy someone’s life and professional career because of one incident relating to a private domestic argument, that had already been tried and settled by the courts and the NFL. It is a common practice of the media, to praise and build up a celebrity then, rather than defend them or ignore their indiscretion the media takes great pride and  joy in destroying them. This is done constantly to celebrities and politicians. I have to wonder why the lame stream media is constantly bringing this Ray Rice issue up and taking up valuable prime time news coverage , that should be spent on reporting all the devastating problems Americans are facing with floods, droughts, fires, wars and mass hacking of major banks and stores, and massive unemployment.

Every time a sensational story about a celebrity appears in the mainstream media and network news it is used to coverup other major issues the government or corporations want to minimize or hide from public attention. The media over coverage of the recent deaths of Robin Williams and  Joan Rivers were abortions of prime news air time on the networks that lasted every day for over a month. All this coverage was used to deter Americans from the recent failures of Obama’s NATO summit, Russia’s occupation of the Ukraine, the stalled peace agreement with Israel and Palestine and the devastation of GAZA, as well as the announcement of the poor  job statistics for the month of  August.

As a critical observer of the main stream media I am curious about what other ridiculous new frivolous news will be coming to all television news programs and major newspapers soon. Maybe another celebrity will get into a domestic brawl or go to jail, or a new Iphone 6 will blow up in someone’s pants and  be considered a possible terrorist weapon and banned by all airlines. After the underwear bomber I am surprised all underwear isn’t  inspected by the TSA or banned by the airlines. Maybe it is banned and the main stream media is too embarrassed by the stupidity of the FCC and TSA ruling to talk about it. They would rather spend their prime time news coverage reporting on the extreme cuteness of  dogs, cats and kids, who have gone viral on Youtube.



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