Nov 17 2008

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The Absense of a President


It seems like it has been at least a year since the U.S has had a president. G.W Bush use to be the President, but then as of January 2008 he seemed to have vanished from the media and from the American political scene. I can remember in January there was no alarms about the economic collapse of the U.S or Europe for that matter. The stock market was doing very well. The Iraq war appeared to be won, and the Republican Presidential Candidates were proud of their Party’s accomplishments. No one mentioned G.W. Bush except John McCain. Everyone else running for President in the Republican primaries wanted to emulate Ronald Reagan.

As oil prices began to rise to four dollars a gallon, and several hundred more American casualties mounted in Iraq and Afghanistan, people began to wonder if we still had a president in office, or were we trying to fill a current vacancy. After seeing hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and the worst weather conditions ever recorded, and millions of Americans displaced, and financially ruined by loss of employment, loss of their homes by foreclosure, loss of their retirements from corrupt and failing companies. or the loss of or continued lack of health insurance. we still didn’t see a President . We saw plenty of governors and senators pleading with the White house to do something , but nothing happened., no one was home at the White house. I recall some strange looking fellow named G.W giving a few strange speeches about helping the American people , but I never heard about or saw the government actually help anyone. Then suddenly in September of this year we heard about the sudden financial collapse of the entire global financial system. Even then we heard little from anyone other than a former CEO of Goldman Sachs who is now the current Sec. of the Treasury. A man who literally got on his knees and begged the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi to approve a 700 billion dollar bailout of the entire American banking system, which would have given him as Sec. of the Treasury more power than any president in American history.

Now in the middle of November, Americans have elected a new President, who can’t take office until January 20th 2009. That leaves two more months without a President. The 700 billion dollar bailout, was passed weeks after it was presented to Congress, however nothing has been done other than to bail out the Sec. of the Treasury’s cronies, who kept the taxpayers’ money and paid themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in executive bonuses.

Any rational person could believe that there has been no President of the U.S for at least a year and possibly for the last eight years. G.W. Bush has taken more vacation time while in office than any other President in history. More Americans are familiar with SNL comedian Will Ferrel caricature of G.W. Bush than they are of G.W. Bush. G.W. Bush is more of a cartoon character, or a cardboard cut out than anything else. The U.S. would have been better served by a card board cut out of G.W. Bush than they have been with G.W. Bush as a living President. That is the G.W. bush legacy. He would have better served the country by leaving the office of the Presidency vacant. He could leave the White house forever, beginning today and never be missed by a single American. Most Americans would welcome his permanent absence from government, and from the face of the earth, and that he never be heard from or seen again ; except as a defendant for war crimes in front of an international court along with all the past and current members of his administration.. .


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