Nov 23 2008

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Cold Spell



It’s been very cold lately in Connecticut. Days have been averaging below forty degrees. Many years ago I use to think this was spring weather. In the remotest part of the state of Maine , some night’s in the summer months could reach as low as 45 degrees. As I get older I seem to be less tolerant to cold weather. It puts me into either a survival mode or a hibernation mode, often they are one and the same.

I believe there is nothing more comfortable or warmer than sleeping in a warm bed on a cold night, especially with a warm female body next to me. It’s one of life’s great pleasures,but sleeping in a warm bed on a cold night is great even if you are sleeping alone. Sleeping in a warm bed on a cold day is great also. The most uncomfortable thing anyone can do on a cold night or cold day is try to sleep outdoors or in a car. These are experiences I will advise everyone who is sensitive to cold to completely avoid. if they possibly can. It is not fun, actually it is quite miserable, and worse than miserable depending on how cold it gets.

I often think of homeless people when the weather gets cold. I often wonder how many people will have to sleep outside or in a tent or in a car on cold nights. Many of them have little food, thin clothing and no legal means to build a fire. They can sleep in abandoned buildings,or on park benches, or in refrigerator boxes, or in doorways. They can drink a bottle of grain alcohol or wine or some other spirit to numb them form the cold and misery of being homeless,but it is still a cold, and miserable existence.

As this cold spell encases most of the country this week and the rest of the winter, I will be thinking about these poor people who are living outdoors, who have lost their homes in fire , flood or foreclosure. I will speak of them often on my radio shows, and write about them on this web site. I will try to do something for them if I see them on the streets or elsewhere. I know that many other people will do something for them as well. Many of the homeless are children and adolescents. , many are young adults.. Let’s not let this cold spell freeze their bodies and souls or allow other souls to grow cold or freeze. We must think of what we would be thinking if that homeless or cold person was us..

It’s time for everyone who is warm and comfortable to empathize with those who are not . North Americans are entering the coldest time of their year, and the warmest time for their hearts. I wish everyone warmth this winter. There is a rapidly growing population in America, one without racial, or educational boundaries, anyone can become a member of this non exclusive, desperate demographic, by illness, unemployment, addiction, or accident.


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