Nov 29 2009

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Fourth Dimensional Reality


I was introduced to the concept of Fourth Dimensional reality by my friend George Dickson , who is a regular guest on my Friday night Internet radio show. I have come to the realization recently that I am already living in the Fourth Dimension. Many people live in the Fourth Dimension. It is a place slightly above the Third Dimension where people who dwell there exist at a slightly higher vibration than the people who exist on the Third Dimension. Many are clairvoyant, some are highly intuitive, and all others are unaware that sleep is a gateway to the Fourth Dimension. Those who understand Fourth Dimensional reality are aware that they slip in and out of the Fourth Dimension constantly. It is like being awake in a dream.

The difference between Third and Fourth Dimensions is the degree of focus we give to whatever it is we do. Those who understand what being in the Zone means know where this remarkable place is. It is a place where everything you do or want to do is done.. It is manifestation by visualization. Creating an event in our minds and focusing on its Third Dimensional description creates whatever it is we desire. It is only through non focus, or improper focus that we fail to manifest our desires. Constant distractions keep the Fourth Dimension veiled and impairs our vision.

As we enter the Fourth Dimension all care and worry fades away. We rise far above all daily concerns because we have solved all of our problems. It is like walking into a mist or cloud that washes away all fear, all negativity, all doubt. Fourth Dimensional existence is where Mankind is headed. It is so close to us we enter and exit it throughout our day. It is a memory, or a hope or a plan for the future. It is what we want most in our lives, the lives of our children and grand children.that becomes reality. Focus, knowledge, wisdom and faith,create emotional fulfillment which is the Fourth Dimension..

I have been away for sometime creating my life in the Fourth dimension. The only drawback to Fourth Dimensional existence is the adjustment period when we move our Third Dimensional mindset into our Fourth Dimensional reality. To successfully enter we must raise our expectations of the present and future and look upon the past as a time of innocence. Once we completely emerge from the Third to the Fourth Dimension we are no longer bound to a physical existence. We become spirits knowingly disguised as human beings. We are free of our Third Dimensional bonds and can climb rapidly into higher dimensions, closer and closer to the One.

L.A. Steel

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