Jan 03 2011

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A New Year with Old News


The only new national and international news is old news. It never seems to be new. I read today that France’s Sarkozy doesn’t like Obama anymore but according to last year’s news sources he never really did. It appears that no one really likes or trusts Obama, even in the U.S. Polls show Obama’s Love ratings are down around 40%. Few Americans bother to listen to his speeches anymore. The last few I’ve heard sounded a lot like G.W Bush except for the AAHHS and UUUGHs. Actually I can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss G.W Bush. I had developed such a repulsion to G.W that I realize now that I almost enjoyed watching the idiot speak. Obama just makes me sick.

It is time to bring up the old news and make it new news again. It is time to review 911, the Afghan invasion and the Iraq invasion I and 2. It is time to revisit the crimes against humanity by the Bush I and 2 administrations and begin to look seriously at the crimes committed by the Obama administration. It is time to audit the Federal Reserve and ask why the chief executives of the FHA are recieving multi million dollar bonuses authorized by the Obama White house. It is time for everyone to turn off their television sets and see if they begin to think differently. They will be surprised at the clarity of mind they will receive. It is time for everyone to recollect the lies and deceptions they have been subjected to over the last many years by their government and the mainstream media. It is time now to make the old news new news, which would be very easy if Americans and people around the world were told the truth.


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