Jan 03 2010

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A Cold January Day




Today is the coldest day so far this year. Though it is only January 3rd. North West Connecticut got over four inches of snow today and the temperature never got over 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind is blowing at a reported 40 -50 miles per hour. I believe it since I was outdoors earlier today shoveling off my car and walkway.

I overheard a discussion at the post office yesterday from someone whose relative chastised her for complaining about New England weather. She was told that after living in New England for 40 years she didn’t have any right to criticize New England’s winter weather. I have lived in New England my entire life and have found Connecticut’s winters to be far more favorable to human existence than the other more northern New England states. After living in the state of Maine with December and January temperatures at 25 and 30 degrees below zero, December and January in Connecticut seem almost tropical..



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