Jan 07 2010

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I have been a smoker for too many years to mention. I’ve quit twenty times. I can not understand the urge I have to smoke. It’s not that I want to smoke, it’s the urge to smoke that far outweighs the want. It is a lot like sex. Sex is an urge, that you want. It is that sudden explosion of clarity when you inhale, and exhale. Nicotine is a drug. Six times more addictive than Cocaine. I have never used Cocaine but it sounds easy to kick next to nicotine.

What inspired this insight was my need to buy more cigarettes. I don’t want to buy more and I will resist the urge to, until the urge overwhelms me and I buy another pack. Not smart, but almost forgivable. I just smoked my last one. Now would be the time to give it up. Now would be a good time to quit forever. Maybe for the next 10 minutes I can resist the urge, but if I stretch it out to 20 minutes the urge might go away. These words were inspired by my need to quit smoking.

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