Oct 01 2013

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SHUTDOWN: The Whipping of America

800,000 federal employees have been furloughed today because our Congress can not compromise on Obamacare. The Federal WIC program which provides food and healthcare to poor pregnant women and infants, has been cut as one of non essential programs that will be stopped today. Veterans Administration and hospital facilities, miltary contractors, and non profits dependent on government grants will be shut down today. All the national parks will be shut down laying off hundreds of thousands of employees and destroying local and state economies dependent upon tourism. The estimated cost of shutdown is 10 billion dollars a day to local and state economies.

The madness and indifference towards the American people of our politicians to shutdown our government by refusing to authorize a spending bill, will cause the end of this country. We are on the precipice of an econonmic collapse, and now this push by both political parties to shutdown the government will push the American economy over the brink, into a downfall that will plunge the world economy into a full blown Depression. This is the New World Order Agenda, promoted by both U.S political parties, that is designed to devastate the national economy.

The first strike of the NWO whip was to rob our banks and destroy our personal retirement investment and pensions. The second strike of the whip is our current unemployment rate continues to rise, which is now at a true rate of 36%. The third vicious strike of the whip is the loss of 800,000 jobs effective today. The fourth stike of the whip will be the collapse of Wall Street, because Congress will not compromise on raising the debt ceiling, and will allow the U.S to default.

Once this final brutal and deadly thrashing of America happens Americans will lose their investments to a market crash, and there will be a run on all U.S banks. Businesses will fold up across the country and Americans will plummet into the deepest economic Depression the world has ever known. Congress and Obama will continue their impass because they are not being personally economically effected, until there is no money to pay the politicians, and no more money for them to steal. The chaos will be world wide, with the collapse of governments. Once there is no money to pay the politicians, the compromise will be reached, and it will be too late to save the U.S.

Damn the U.S Congress! Damn Obama! Damn all, who will not compromise to save this country! What idiotic, traitor, would rather see his country collapse into ruins, instead of compromising to keep it running. We are witnessing the beginning of the end. There will be few if any survivors, and those that do survive will have nothing left but chaos.

L.A. Steel

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