Sep 18 2013

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Hate for politicians
is a common human trait.
Patriots hate traitors.
Traitors hate patriots.

There is nothing real in the political game,
other than the death and destruction of war.
There is treasure and power to be won and lost
but nothing of value to be gained.

There is a point I want to make,
by describing what I love and hate.
I love truth and hate deceit.
I hate war and love peace.

I cannot smile or laugh at what I hate.
I cannot hug or kiss it in an embrace.
I cannot look at it without contempt,
because it is repulsive, and of evil intent.

I do not turn my other cheek,
to wait for what I hate to strike me again.
I hate what I hate with all of my heart,
and fight it with all of my strength.

L.A. Steel

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