Sep 21 2011

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Let Palestine Be Free


Further peace negotiations without the recognized status of the UN for Palestine is a futile and useless stall for time by the U.S and Israel to allow Israel time to commit further atrocities against the Palestinians. Mammoud Abbas now must show his true self as a Palestinian or a U.S Israeli puppet. His reputation throughout the world as a leader of merit and courage worthy of representing the spirit of the Palestinian people now hinges upon his discussion today with Barack Obama and Netanyahoo. He must show that the strength and resolve of the Palestinian people is far greater than both nations confronting him. All depends on him. The freedom of the Palestinians and the rejection of the yoke of U.S Israeli tyranny. Abbas will be an international hero or an international embarrassment, plummeting the Palestinians into a more perilous state of US-Israeli oppression.

The insanity of U.S involvement in this Zionist nightmare will be and is the undoing of American foreign policy for decades to come. As the U.S stands with Israel and against Palestine our government is standing against all American values once represented. But now in the light of good and evil the American government stands firmly and proudly with Evil and all of its minions, Genocide, ethnic cleansing, colonial occupation, decimation of an indigenous people, land theft, racism, theocracy. Oh, Americans should be so proud today that our elected officials have chosen to stand proudly with the forces of all evil in the world. But we always have. This is not a change for the U.S . We have always stolen land, committed genocide, ruled by segregation and racist policies, allowed religion to dominate or society and government. Military occupation of other counties is our greatest export. Militarization and commercial exploitation of other countries is what we do best. It is the American Way. It is our symbol of the waving flag in every corner of the world and 800 military bases world wide. So it is no wonder that we side with Israel. Israel is our colony in the Middle East and represents everything Americans are.

As an American Citizen I refuse to accept any policy the U.S engages in with Israel against Palestine, except the complete recognition of Palestine as it’s own free state and full membership into the UN. This is what they should have and must have otherwise there will never be peace and Israel will forever face extinction and the U.S will be forced to abandon its alliance with Israel or face war and possible annihilation by the rest of the world. Standing with Israel is against all noble and human rights. Standing with Israel is bringing the axe of the world’s executioner down upon the necks of all Americans. As each American struggles economically and emotionally each day to provide for themselves and their families, in a downward spiraling economy brought about by years of incompetent government leadership, we can no longer endure the burden of further world hatred against us because of our corrupt and incompetent leaders who give away our our jobs, our hope and our treasury to their corporate masters.

Palestine must be free of Israeli Zionism, just as the American people must be free of Israeli Zionism. As an American citizen I proudly stand with Palestine and firmly against Zionism. Let Palestine and America be Free of Israeli Zionist occupation.


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