Oct 11 2011

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People Occupy Wall St. as Wall St. Occupies Washington D.C


I give all credit and support to the thousands of activists and citizens now occupying Wall Street. It is a great cause and a great turnout to try and bring attention and change to the corruption of the U.S financial system. I am in full support of this, however while thousands march in protest against Wall Street , Wall Street bankers and brokers laugh at them as they spend millions of dollars to thousands of lobbyists to occupy Washington D.C.

Our elected officials are no where to be found in New York City, and those who are like Charles Rangel were heckled and told to leave by the protesters. This was well directed anger, however if the hundreds of thousands of protesters would have been in Washington D.C occupying the Capital Building and the White House this protest would be far more effective. If hundreds of thousands of people would occupy Washington, while Congress is in session, camping out on the Capital lawn and steps harassing and heckling the lawmakers as they enter and exit the building would clearly make the statement that Americans are angry and demand change. It is Congress that has allowed Wall Street to get away with ripping off the American people. It is Congress that has continued to invade countries and kill and destroy entire civilizations, and waste trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. It is Congress that is guilty of accepting bribes by Corporate lobbyists. Why then is everyone in New York City instead of Washington D.C ?

The main stream media has virtually ignored the New York City protest, as Yahoo news today has a picture of some foolish couple getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge with the protest marchers in the background. No mention that 700 people were arrested on that bridge. The entire triviality of the picture is a prime example of the Media’s trivialization of the entire event. The riots in Europe and in the Middle East brought about change in governments. Those protests brought fear to the governments and brought about the downfall of several. Europe’s riots brought fear to their governments, though they imposed Marshall Law it woke up the lawmakers. Americans are just beginning to wake up, but they will not become violent , though police brutality is rampant in NYC. They will walk back and forth for their own causes without any direction, sleep in the park, relieve themselves in a McDonald’s restroom after having a McDonald’s GMO breakfast, or a Starbuck’s Latte and muffin. There must be active leadership in this protest to direct the actions against Wall Street and Washington or nothing will be accomplished. All the courage and anger and conviction of these righteously angry citizens will be for nothing.

The majority of the Wall Street protesters appear to be young and unemployed. They are right to be angry, not only with the financial system but with their parents and all members of the Middle Class of this country who are sitting back while losing their jobs and homes due to rampant corporate greed and the indifference of Wall Street and Washington. This protest is not stopping Banking lobbyists from lobbying Congress to increase banking fees, or foreclose on millions of American homeowners, or charging usurious credit card fees, or manipulating the commodity markets so Americans must pay more for gas and food. It is a worthless protest unless it is directed at the institutions that caused all the problems this country is facing. Yes bringing attention to the suffering of Americans is critical however, as 1 in 5 American children are in poverty, and 50 million American families qualify for Food Stamps and cannot afford healthcare, while a do nothing Congress debates whether or to fund FEMA after the worst year of natural disasters in over a century, occupying Wall Street and not Washington D.C is a truly misdirected protest.

The protest started in New York City but it must end in Washington D.C. It must end after millions of unemployed and foreclosed on Americans are angry enough and desperate enough to march on Washington D.C and occupy their capital and call out their government to be a government for all Americans or to GET THE HELL OUT! Americans are angry, but the majority of them are still looking forward to the World Series, Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas with little thought about the Occupy Wall Street Protest. When these young activists arrive home for the holidays they will argue with their uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters as they sit at the dinning room table. They will be called foolish hippies and socialists and told to just get a job, etc, etc. These activists will become angrier and more committed and perhaps will persuade some of their family members to join them in fighting , however it will be interesting to see how long this protest will last, and where it will end or if it will continue until all the anger and focus of attention is on the real crooks and traitors in this country, and millions of Americans OCCUPY WASHINGTON D.C.


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