Jun 27 2013

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Days of Weathered Reality


This morning is gray and humid, the sun is somewhere unknown to me today, and rain clouds seem to have overtaken the sky. I sense a sullen mood advancing over my mind, yet I am not sure if it is one of melancholy or simply a reflection of the weather. My reality today is one of reflection of my past and immediate future. I enjoy the thought of creating a new day, but certain natural elements seem to hinder my manifestations. For instance I want a dry,warm and sun filled day, but maybe my desire is being overshadowed by millions of other peoples’ desire for an overcast day, which reflects their mood more than my own. Other peoples’ thoughts do dramatically effect our own as do their actions. They can become overwhelming and saturate the ether until the entire world is depressed or shocked or alarmed at the latest news, or lack of good news.

We are all reflections of what our minds create. When we look in the mirror we are who we see or want to see. We are seldom what others see us as. But all who focus on the weather generally reflect the mood of the weather. If it is raining, we dress accordingly, if it is hot and humid we dress accordingly as well and by doing so we prepare our minds for what kind of day we will have, and begin to visualize what we must do for the day. Most of our reality will be related to our weather, but the world is so big, and their are so many people visualizing their own day according to their own weather conditions. I am certain that somewhere in the world today the sun is shining, the air is dry and warm, and those people in that climate are enjoying their day, or at least reflecting the weather.

I am not certain what I must visualize to bring this day more in liking with my desired reality. I guess I will continue thinking of the sun and blue skies until they finally appear.

L.A. Steel

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