Mar 26 2013

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The Italian Supreme Court is a Court of Idiots


The U.S has an imbecilic Supreme Court Justice with the name of Anthony Scalia and his boneheaded judgments have been some of the worst in U.S History. Chief Justice Marshall must have turned over in his grave,
when Scalia was appointed to the U.S Supreme Court. Now imagine an entire Supreme Court made up of Scalia Clones and what do you get? An Italian Salad Supreme.

Why would any court in the world want to retry Amanda Knox, an innocent young American girl, who unjustly served 4 years in an Italian prison before her trial was heard. The insane Italian prosecutor already had a confession of the murder by a man already incarcerated.

The prosecutor of this fiasco is the most idiotic fool ever to prance around a courtroom. The farce of his legal performance in the Amanda Knox trial was so absurd he became the laughing stock of the entire world. Italy now looks more insane and oppressive than North Korea and Kim Jong Un.

The Italian economy is underwater, their government is bankrupt, and millions of Italians and foreign investors are pulling out their money from Italian banks. Italy is on the verge of the second fall of Rome and their mad courts and leaders are willing to spend multimillions of dollars to retry an innocent girl, who by the judgement of an Italian jury was aquitted.

I think most of the Italian people are smarter than their leaders and judges. It is really up to the Italian people with the support of all people around the world, who believe in justice to demand that the Italian government put an end to the injustice of retrying Amanda Knox. The Italian people should expell the idiots sitting on their Surpreme Court, and the idiot prosecutor, before they humiliate the Italian people even further in the eyes of the world.

L.A. Steel

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