Mar 11 2013

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Why We Hate

I have given hatred much study over the years. I realize now why I hate. Not only is hatred a basic human trait, it is one of the most effective methods of self defense. Hating someone who physically attacks you is a normal action. If someone says they hate someone, than the hatred is mutual, unless the hatred invokes the Christian concept of “Turn the other cheek.” My interpretation of turning the other cheek means turning my ass cheek to the offender and not my face.

I hate because I see what is happening and who is doing it and I become self defensive. How can one not hate someone who wants to kill you or destroy you, and everyone you love, or anyone who has done nothing to deserve hatred towards them, except being another color or religion or even government and ideological belief. Hatred is a hormone, that triggers our brain to fight or run. When it is unregulated by the defects of jealousy, envy, greed, or insanity it can plague mankind with the most horrific and barbaric crimes.

I hate but that does not make me a sociopath or psychopath, it merely makes me mortal. The Christian method of madness is to love thy neighbor. That is impossible unless you’re having an affair, or had an affair with your neighbor. Love your fellow church goers. I don’t belong to a church because I can’t stand any sanctimonious, hypocritial, congregation, that preaches love and god and war, governmental control and state and corporate sponsored genocide. Sorry folks it just isn’t going to happen.

I hate because there is so much to hate and hatred is the only power to fight with to keep all I hate away from me. Loving a murderer, thief , rapist or genocidal institution is sheer and utter madness. I would sooner hate than spend a moment accepting these people who would soon turn on me as their prey. Hatred is a healthy emotion. Love is a very dangerous one. I hate because I have been deceived and abused. I hate because I despise all who oppress and enslave societies. I hate all who worship money over God. I hate anyone who would deprive a child food, shelter and clothing to enrich themselves or deny a people freedom, safety, adequate food, and shelter, education or anything that aids humanity.

Why shouldn’t I hate these people?Love for them is impossible, death and misery are guaranteed by this present system. Hatred is healthy. Don’t deny it but don’t let it take over your life. Understand the dangers that exist and be prepared to defend yourself from them.

We hate because it is part of our human heritage. We love for the same reason. It is in our DNA. No one will ever convince me to love someone who is out to destroy me or harm me. Hatred exists because it is a natural part of us.


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