Nov 05 2005

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The Bush Bird Flu



A new flu named the Bush Bird Flu has been found to have infected millions of Americans. Symptoms are sudden lapses of memory, spasms in speech patterns, twitching of the eyes and excessive blinking, public displays of acute stupidity and clumsiness. The Bush Bird flu is closely associated with the famous Swine flu made famous by another Republican president known for displaying all the above symptoms. The Ford Administration spent billions of dollars on another needless vaccine sold to the American public by fear mongering as a diversion from Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon. I believe “Swine flu” got its name based from all the big pharma pigs that were slopping at the trough of the American treasury.

Can we expect Bush Bird flu to be the same tactic of fear mongering and distraction , before Bush pardons Scooter Libby and Karl Rove? Simply remember our history.


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