Oct 04 2012

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Rabid Romney vs. Oblivious Obama in the Presidential Debates

Like millions of people last night I watched the Presidential Debate. Unfortunately by 10pm my eyes started to glaze over and I couldn’t watch the rest of it. I watched Rabid Romney biting and humping Obama’s leg until it became too much to endure. Jim Leherer refused to call a foul or blow into his microphone and let Romney continue to froth at the mouth. Obama was reluctant to kick Romney. He seemed afraid to hurt him. However his reluctance to insult the rabid Romney was a bad tactic by Obama. When you are attacked by a rabid dog there is no time or reason to be diplomatic or politically correct. Obama could have put down and insulted Romney into complete stupified silence by simply stating that Romney didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about. Four years in the position of the President of the U.S entitles the President to make his opponents and the people he serves understand, that they know very little of what is happening in this country and who the real villans are. The Republican Party vowed at the beginning of Obama’s term that they would do everything to destroy him. This was a public statement made by Mitch McConnel Minority Leader in the Senate. The Republican mandate is to do everything they can including destroying the country to prevent Obama from having a second term as President.

If a group of powerful people emphatically and publicly state that they will do everything in their power to destroy President Obama, why would anyone believe a word they say now, or anything Romney said in the debate last night? Romney is a liar, and the leader of the party that vowed to destroy Obama. If Obama had vowed to destroy the Republican Party I might understand their anger at him, but he didn’t and hasn’t and has tried to work with them on many major issues. Instead of compromising or even developing a viable solution to the problems facing the country they insist on continuing the bankrupt policies that caused all the problems; then condem Obama for trying to fix them,which is what he was elected to do by over 60% of the American voters.

Obama gave Romney a clear field against him without putting up any solid defense or comeback. He could have simply stated that Romney wanted General Motors to fail, as well as the U.S Banking system. That is all he would have had to say and Romney would have been knocked out cold. Instead Obama seemed indifferent to Romney’s attacks and casually let him continue to attack him. This is the folly of Obama. His entire time in office he has been this way. He prefers to sit with the women of the View rather than sit with the Republican leadership. He would rather have a beer with a disgruntled old friend who got arrested entering his own house, rather than have a beer with Boehner or Cantor and tackle the major issue of our country heading for default. He would rather smile at the camera and sing a song and entertain his audience rather than inform them of the dire straights this country is in, and who their enemies really are.

It appeared to me while watching the debate that Obama may not want a second term and may enjoy watching Romney and the Republicans sink into the annals of history as the party and president that destroyed the United States. As sitting President he knows full well the problems facing this country and has thousands of secrets, that can not be revealed due to national security, or devulging as Kennedy did, those who really run the world and the U.S. Perhaps that knowledge and the irony of it all was what Obama was thinking about last night as he allowed Romney to attack him. Romney forgot that Obama has the power to arrest him and his Republican opponents on grounds that they have threatened the President. He could have Romney arrested as a terrorist or revolutionary. The power of the President is far greater than any one other than the President can understand or appreciate. Mitt Romney may understand some of the power the President having been a Governor of a state, but I doubt he truly understands what a fool he really is. I also believe Obama knows he will have another four years. He has been told that by the powerful people who put him there in 2008.

The debate was little more than a 90 minute verbal wrestling match, where both wrestlers took a dive. It was great for television ratings, and a distraction for what is really happening to this country, and being able to blame it all on one or the other candidates. The reigning champ Obama really didn’t have to debate Romney for 90 minutes. He could have literally knocked him out with a single blow. But the great Democracy must have its heroes and villians, and losers and winners in order to keep the American people happily divided and excited for the coming election.

L.A. Steel

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