Sep 16 2012

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By now most who are interested have seen the nude photos of Kate and Willy at play on their honeymoon. It was only a matter of time before someone exposed their frolicking in the sunlight of world fame. I find it strange how any security service assigned to the royals during their honeymoon could allow photographers anywhere near the royal couple”s honeymoon retreat. Any astute observer of these revealing photos of the couple could easily assume that the pictures might have been taken by a security guard. Maybe he or she had a quarrel with the royal couple or just couldn’t resist taking a few keepsake pictures of the pair on the balcony, to add a few British pounds to their retirement pension. I’m certain their are other photos or videos of the couple that haven’t been seen yet that are even more revealing.

Perhaps the most revealing photo was the one where Willy was putting sunlotion on Kate’s “bum” (that’s what the British call the rear end). In this day of embarrassing celebrity exposures I don’t believe too many people were surprised by these pictures. Actually Kate has a very nice body and will probably be more comfortable being seen in bathing suits and skimpy celebrity attire. It may not be as bad a public relations problem for the Royals as it first appears. Personally I was never interested in royal watching until lately. The Prince Harry photos were hysterical. He wound up being sent into combat in Afghanistan. Now Kate and Willy have been humbled and stripped naked of their royal refinements. I can see Willy being sent off to rescue someone in his helicopter while Kate is sentenced to the Tower of London.

Kate is a beautiful and lovely lady. She really has nothing but the loss of Royal modesty to be ashamed of. Many couples today post their honeymoon pictures on Facebook. So my advice to the Royal couple is to keep smiling and be cool about the whole thing. Everyone has been naked and seen someone else naked at sometime in their lives, and a lot of people make their living by posing for movies or pictures naked. Where would Victoria Secret Models be without their nude photo albums,or A list movie stars without their Playboy centerfolds. So Kate, just grin and bare it all and be thankful you are great looking and have a great body that the world can admire, imagine the nightmare of embarrassment and humilation if Camilla and Charles had been photographed naked. Aside from being a revolting picture of Camilla naked, it might remind everyone of Charles’s famous wish, to be Camilla’s Tampon.

L.A. Steel

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