Dec 14 2006

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My Tuesday night radio show listeners were treated to a fascinating interview with Dr. Kasseem Khaleel, about his latest book “The Words of Muhammad”. This broadcast was replayed on our internet program on Wednesday 12/13/06. It can be heard from our archives, on blogtalkradio.com / lasteelshoworg, and podcasted.

Dr. Khaleel is an MD, a prolific writer and lecturer, and has published over 20 books of various subjects on science and natural medicines, and scholarly works on the Qur’an and the life of the prophet Muhammad. Another recent book by Dr. Khaleel “Wrongly Blamed”, is a well researched, controversial indictment, of the Israeli intelligence agency The Mossad. This book documents and explains their involvement in many of the most heinous terrorist plots of the 20th and 21st centuries. Our interview on “Wrongly Blamed” with Dr. Khaleel can also be heard on our blogtalkradio.com / lasteelshoworg archives.

As many of my readers know I have been researching the Islamic culture and religion for much of this year. I have written several articles (see archives) entitled Contemplating the Koran # 1 and # 2. I have also written several more recent articles in November and December based upon a deeper appreciation of Islamic culture and the Qur’an, and a few this summer regarding Palestine and the Israelis war with Lebanon.

It has been a true privilege for me to have Dr. Khaleel on my radio programs to discuss the rich history and culture of the Islamic people. He has proven to me how the western media ,by their ignorance and deceit, have maligned the remarkable religion and culture of Islam, and ignored the aggressive imperialistic, attacks against the people of the Middle East. Western Media has deliberately distorted the truth regarding the genocide and occupation of Palestine, and the coups sponsored by the Western countries against lawful Islamic governments.

Before my first reading of “The Words of Muhammad” much of what I had been reading was from older English translations and culturally biased western writers. It became immediately apparent to me that they were obviously inferior to this work by Dr. Khaleel. His language is clear, his syntax more precise, and his editor’s notes and interpretive, historical facts displayed

throughout the book, created for me, a much broader and clearer understanding and appreciation, of the extreme significance the Prophet Muhammad, and the Islamic culture have been to the advancement of humanity. Dr. Khaleel respectfully refers to the work of old and modern Jewish and Christian historians.

I cannot recommend this book or its author more highly. The timely publishing of this work is a credit to the courage of Dr.Khaleel and Knowledge House Publishers, who published “The Words Of Muhammad” and “Wrongly Blamed”. The prophetic statement, made by another courageous author, captures the spirit of Dr. Khaleel’s work. George Orwell wrote: In times of universal deceit to speak the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I am receiving no compensation for my recommendation of this book to my many readers. The honor I receive by all who read my writing and listen to my programs, so far has been sufficient for me to continue. I am urging all of my readers, if you can afford to purchase a copy of ” The Words of Muhammad” or “Wrongly Blamed” or any of Dr. Khaleel’s books, to please do so. It will be the wisest and perhaps the best purchase you will make this Christmas season. On my radio program Dr. Khaleel stated to my listeners; that if they bought two books or more shipping would be free. I have spoken to the publisher and they have authorized it for all who state they heard about the books on the L.A.Steel Show. Consider this my Christmas gift to everyone. The toll free number to order is 1-800-295-3737. Their web site is : knowledgehousepublishers.com

If you’re not convinced enough to buy these books; then please listen to the interviews with Dr. Khaleel anytime on blogtalkradio.com / lasteelshoworg. I can assure you that you will learn something new.


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