Oct 30 2006

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Is the cynicism pervasive or is it just me? The only people I see and hear that are at all enthusiastic about the upcoming elections are the candidates , strategists and the pundits paid to be enthusiastic. Everyone else, I think are faking it. I can’t get excited about any of it. What for? George and Karl aren’t worried because they know they have all the voting machines in the critical states rigged. That’s right rigged. They rigged them in 2000,.2004 and now they have perfected the rigged vote in 2006. All the voter registries have been purged of threatening Democratic voters. All the big city precincts have been changed or closed and no one has been notified, and all the major districts have been gerrymandered to favor Republicans. Even if no Republican voted, the machines are rigged to give Republican incumbents landslide victories.

Oh the Democrats won’t put up with that! Oh my, dainty Democrats would never allow a defeat again! Why not? A Democratic defeat means they don’t have to do anything for the next two years but bitch about Republicans. The big bad Democrats didn’t challenge the vote rigging in 2004, and conceded without a fight in 2000 why should they put up any fight in 2006? It’s not up to them to fight; it’s up to the people who are getting screwed. Let’s face it I’ve been fighting this fucked up system for years and nothing is getting any better. I don’t believe that a Democratic Majority would be any better than a Republican Majority. I don’t think the average American or pundit have a clue what either party stands for or even really cares; as long as the reporters and commentators read the monitor the way they are told to they get paid. Keith Olberman’s rants are a pathetic joke written by pathetic jokes, paid for by pathetic joke news corporations with corporate, military agendas. Who is kidding who? Why is a weird looking, sports nerd, suddenly the great American Liberal mouthpiece? Why Olberman? Because he’s the least threatening cable news show host next to John Stewart. Even John Stewart is more threatening than Olberman. My dead and buried cat is more threatening than Olberman.

I live in Connecticut and I predict Joe “The Moe” Lieberworm will win the senate election. I think he will win because the voters of Ct. are the most screwed up people in the country. They insist on corruption and indifference in their elected officials. They must have a corrupt Republican Governor and a do nothing Democratic legislature. They have for almost 20 years. They think it gives the state balance. It gives the state nothing more than cronyism and corruption and that is the way Connecticut voters like it. Stay the course, change is bad, Connecticut Democrats are the most confused people in the world. Blue state with a Red Governor.

Massachusetts is just as bad. It has a Republican governor and a Democratic legislature that approved Gay Marriage. Two completely inept Senators, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. What the hell is wrong with this picture? Neither party stands for a damned thing, or has a clue how to lead this country. All independent candidates are banned from the debates and virtually from the ballot. I think there is no longer a reason to think about American politics. All elections are totally rigged months before any election takes place. The Election Day in the U.S is simply a big show for the rest of the world, like the Fourth of July, no one anywhere else in the world believes Americans have free elections. They all know they are rigged and they know that Americans are the most stupid people on the planet; because they still believe that their vote really counts for something. Its only for show. Even Jimmy Carter said he would never monitor an American election because they are all rigged. So why is anyone planning to vote? Spend the day enjoying a great drunk , get stoned, get laid, get happy because any of the above mentioned activities a is far more productive ways of spending one’s time on November 7th, 2006 than voting in these elections.

I won’t talk any more about American politics. It just infuriates me to the point of not caring. It infuriates me into an anarchic state of mind; until I am numb with senseless anger and frustration! Why did I ever think that I made any difference to the democratic system, or that my pathetic token vote really meant anything? 650,000 Iraqis are dead and thousands of American soldiers died needlessly; because I thought that my worthless vote could actually stop them from being killed. I was a fool to think I mattered at all in this planned genocide. I never mattered, nor has anyone else outside the real power loop. We are just a show for all the people in the rest of the world to think that their vote counts too. Simply a show that is all we are. Worth less than a dead Iraqis or dead Lebanese, or dead Sudanese, or dead Afghani, or dead Congolese, or dead Sandinistas or dead Contras or dead Japanese, or dead Germans, or dead Jews, or dead Palestinians and dead forgotten billions, who all thought their votes had counted.


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