Oct 09 2006

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I was accused recently by one of my radio show listeners for being “an embarrassment to the Liberal Progressive Community.” The listener didn’t call in his complaint, instead wrote the letter to my station manager complaining that I should not be allowed on the air. He didn’t have enough (courage) commitment to even sign the letter. I wish to clarify my political leanings. I have never been nor will I ever be a member of the “Liberal Progressive Community”. First and foremost I have never belonged to any political party. Secondly I have never belonged to any specific “Progressive Community”. The Paleo-liberal community at large seems to have somehow taken the pseudonym of Progressive in response to the conservative attack against them for the last 20 years. But all it has amounted to is, (pardon my metaphor) putting lipstick on a very, very old lady. It hasn’t changed anything.

Some of the most closed minded SOB’s that I have ever met have called and still call themselves Liberals. You know who they are. The guy who stands in a picket line with the biggest Anti War sign and starts to argue with everyone who believes 911 was a conspiracy. Or the guy who has these old liberal war stories that he marched in every war rally since the Korean War and marched with Martin Luther King (like Lieberman did) . The left leaner who says he’s a big congressman and senator letter writer and has 10 different web sites. He says; you must join his group of the “Paleo Progressives” who believe in the U.S two party, democracy, love the Democratic Party and hate young punks; who just don’t understand the old tried and true liberal way of believing in and donating to the Democratic Party Candidates. These are the fools who want everyone to think that Kerry and Edwards lost fair and square in 2004, and that voting fraud doesn’t exist in the United States. Otherwise PBS or CNN or the paleoliberal’s sacred New York Times would have done an expose on it.

Personally I like conservatives. Not all but some. I like the minutemen. I like militia volunteers. I like Constitutionalists, I like Libertarians, I even get a kick out of watching Pat Buchanan or Tucker Carlson try to defend Republican virtues. I don’t really dislike anyone except G.W Bush and his minions. I feel that any red blooded American with any sense in his head feels the same way, regardless what his political preferences might be. Truth is Truth regardless what or who you are. If you can’t face it then you have no right knocking someone else who does face facts.

Fact: George W. Bush is a war criminal and the worst American President to ever hold office. Fact: The 2000 and 2004 national election were stolen by the Republicans. Documented evidence proves that over 3 million Democratic votes were never counted in the 2004 election. More than 90,000 Democratic Florida voters were illegally purged by Katharine Harris and Jebb Bush; who authorized Choice Point, a data collection company to purge the Florida Voter Registry in 2000. Fact: The Ralph Nader voters had nothing to do with Gore and Lieberman loosing the 2000 election. The fix was in already. As a Nader voter in 2000, I can attest that I would never have cast my independent vote for Gore and Lieberman nor would I have voted for Bush Cheney. Both party candidates made me sick. As did Kerry and Bush in 2004. Fact: Both Kerry and Bush are members of the Skull and Bones Fraternity. Gore’s family fortune is derived from big oil. Lieberman’s supporters are the Jewish Lobby, big business and Republicans. Fact: Anyone who would call themselves a Progressive Liberal and ignore these facts is either an idiot a rat or a provocateur.

An idiot would stand for anything just for something to do on the weekends. A rat would have some ulterior motive for causing an argument with anyone to take down names and send them to Lieberman’s TIPS program. Could be jealousy, could be he’s a psycho or sociopath, and could be he’s just a jerk who thinks he’s patriotic. A provocateur would be hired by the Bush Gang, FBI, CIA, NSA etc. to infiltrate any Anti War or peace group or third party, to spy on and try to disrupt these organizations.

These nasty creatures are everywhere and you can be sure one or more of them are in many groups not necessarily Liberal. The leaders at the head of these groups are often the rats, the idiots or the provocateurs. Fact: I’ve known of more than one in my life and that is why I do not belong to any political group or community. My programs are my views and the views I agree with. I resent all Paleo Liberals disguised as anything progressive. They are an insult to the concepts of Liberalism and Progressivism. Beware fellow pilgrims, regardless of which way you seek truth. Deceit is often spoken from the seemingly old sage, who has sold his own soul long ago, and despises anyone who has not.


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