Jun 08 2007

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First I have to congratulate the D.A and the Judge for putting Paris Hilton back in jail. Secondly I have to wonder what the Hilton’s or Paris offered the sheriff to let her out. A miriad of possibilities come to mind. Poor Paris is known for her X rated appetite, gotta wonder if she made a deal with the dirty ol’ sheriff. Half a million or a million dollars could suppliment a sheriff’s retirement pretty well too, and a million bucks to Daddy Hilton is a proverbial drop in the bucket to buy his daughter a get out of jail free card.

The absolute outrage shouted across the country after Paris was released was enough to bring down the U.S Justice System. Everyone knows the system is bottom loaded. Anyone with major dollars or a celebrity status gets little or no time behind bars. O.J was the prime time example of that. Mel Gibson, drunk and disorderly, Oliver Stone, arrested for possession of Hash and Stoned. The celebrity list is endless of court appearances and light fines. No jail time. The only celebrity who got jail time was Robert Downey Jr. after being arrested three times for cocaine possession and sentenced to rehab two or three times. Poor Paris was too stupid to understand that she wasn’t supposed to drive under a suspended license after a DUI arrest. But she thought since she was driving a convertable Rolls Royce, all she had to do was bat her eyelashes to a cop and they would let her go. Maybe she even offered a flash of her commandoed celebrity crotch. It might have worked for the sheriff, but the arresting policeman couldn’t have been overly impressed.

The sad truth is; that reality hit home to poor Paris. She couldn’t buy off the judge, or the D.A. She couldn’t seduce them , though she must have worked her charms on the sheriff. The harsh realization was, she used everything she had in her arsenal, looks, sex and money and it only made the judge angry. Now she’s worse off than she was before. I hope they prosecute the sheriff for the contempt charges, and investigate what Paris or Daddy Hilton gave him to let her out of jail. That would add bribery charges to her 45 day sentence. That could be another five to ten years in jail for Paris and the sheriff. Also enough of the priviledge crap, put her in general population and let her use her charms there. Send a message to Lindsey Lohan and Britainy Spears and every commandoed celebrity and wannabe; that air brushing can do wonders for a photograph , but nothing for anyone’s character.


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