Mar 18 2005

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Big Hat no Cattle


I’ve known too many SOBs in my life, so I feel qualified to describe the one trait that makes a person worth knowing.

Integrity is the only characteristic worth mentioning. If a man or woman doesn’t have integrity I don’t want to know them or I’m damned sorry that I’ve met them. I’ve had bastards look me in the eye and lie to get my vote, sell me a car or a house or an insurance policy or investment. But the biggest lying SOB has got to to be a news anchorman or women.

These actor / liars are the bane of western society and more than likely all civilized societies with televised news coverage. The morning news, afternoon news, evening news and late news are all lies, hype, and hypocrisy. Recent polls prove that 50 percent of the American public are totally uninformed or ill-informed of the most important issues facing America today.

51 percent of Americans believe that Saddam Hussein caused 911. This is outrageous! This is the same number that supposedly voted Bush into office the first and second time. So all hail the idiot American and the lying media walking together in love and hand in hand. The more grease Americans ingest in their news and food the happier they are being fat, dumb and happy.

L.A. Steel

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