Mar 16 2005

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Are you blogged up in the Blogosphere?


I have become painfully aware in recent years of the mad escalation of blogs on the internet. I admit I had one at one time but became annoyed at the look and limitations of the format. The constant scrolling down or up and not being able to print just one article and the intrusionary aspect of the blog where giant Google is spying on everyone and offering the blog free to the blogger but then puts unwanted ads on the overhead banner unless you pay for the privilege of no ads.

Blogging is fun and blogging is cool and blogging is great if you can design your own. But the cost and knowledge needed to design and control your own blog just isn’t worth it. I found it far worthwhile to have a website, though I depend on Rob my web designer for the details and help when things go wrong but once he has designed the site it is virtually up to me to keep it running and input articles and so on. So if you’re spending money now on a blog think seriously about getting or designing a website with pages and print features and with all the great features you need and want.

I recently had a guest on my radio show who has a blog and I wondered why with all his knowledge in software and his diverse needs and interests he still used the blog instead of designing his own website which he was capable of doing. Maybe I’m just obsessive when it comes to stuff like that. I’m over six feet tall and I cannot drive in a small subcompact car for any length of time without becoming cramped and extremely uncomfortable so I own a larger car. Oddly enough it gets decent gas mileage and is very dependable and allots me a great degree of comfort when I drive. Why should anyone willingly cramp his or her style and comfort when driving on the highway or when publishing on the net. There are many options open to you, why clutter up your work and annoy the hell out of your readers with lines and gizmos and colored text when for the same price or even less you can have a working website.

I’m not bragging or mean to incite envy or anger nor are my intentions to demean anyone’s blog, I am simply stating that for the sake of art and displaying ones work in the best possible light one should really consider a website and a website designer to help you out. The best designer I’ve ever met is the guy who designed this site. Rob Brenckman. You can get hold of Rob at robbrenckman.com or go to my link section on this site and click on to his site. He’s a busy man so please give him a day or so to get back to you it will be well worth your while. Tell him that you got his name and number from me and you really admire his work and he might get back to you quicker.

My admiration goes to the many brave bloggers who have eclipsed the main stream news media and have begun a new American Revolution. The spirit of American patriotism is alive and well in the new breed of American journalists, also in the millions of concerned citizens and unwavering activists, who publish their investigations and discoveries in the Blogosphere and communicate by emails and instant messaging, and refuse to surrender to the ignorance of their critics or the indifference of cynics, when exposing crimes and cover-ups and bringing to print important yet unreported news or organizing mass rallies. Citizen journalists are the future of national and international journalism and a free and informed citizenry. Citizen activists are the stewards of freedom and democracy. They are the truth seekers, who believe that their work can make a major difference in the world.

L.A. Steel

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