Aug 05 2007

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I feel as sorry as the next guy for what happened to the people of Minnesota and the bridge collapse . To have 24 -7 coverage of it on every television news outlet in America, and the BBC, for 4 solid days is a travesty and complete collapse of responsible television news coverage.

It is contemptable to me that so little attention was given to the Congress passing the Wiretap bill, and ten million people of India being rendered homeless because of monsoon flooding, or that the massive floodings in England are receiving such little news coverage. Also does anyone in the main stream news media,especially the television networks remember;that the U.S is still at war with Iraq and Afghanistan? Does anyone care, except Aljazeera and the civilizations of the Middle East, that 50 percent of Iraqis are currently living in abject poverty and Baghdad, as of last week is completely without water? Does anyone in the U.S media care, that a million Iraqis have been killed since 2003, or that it was recently announced by the GAO, that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan will have cost over 1 trillion dollars by next year, at the current rate of spending? Does anyone in the network news media care that the Iraqis parliment has taken a 6 week vacation; after having accomplished nothing for over three years to establish a stable government in Iraq? Does anyone in the media care that 75 -150 American soldiers are being killed each month in Iraq? Does anyone give a damn that the Minnesota tragedy and Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan , Nicole Richie, and Harry Potter have dominated nearly 90 percent of the network news programs in the last three months ?

I believe that network news is a complete and absolute farce. Let’s watch Katie Couric cross her legs and flirt at the camera; while all the other networks find cuter , younger , more fluffy headed and mascara laiden reporters to bring the network news to even greater levels of complete worthlessness. If all they are trying to accomplish is getting higher ratings, then they should just do more entertainment news, with bikini clad news readers made up like porno queens and forget the pretense of being real news programs.

Does anyone in the U.S media give a damn that Rupert Murdock has just been approved to own the Wall Street Journal? Does anyone care that the Wall Street Journal will soon look like and read like the NY Daily News or the New York Post? Maybe everyone thinks it’s a good thing? Maybe it will be an improvement? Now the Journal Report is on Fox News. Maybe that is where it always belonged?

The handwriting is on the walls scrawled in multi colored spray paints. Network television news in America has become nothing more than obscene graffiti, spray painted on our television screens. The written press under the ownership of Murdock and other like minded moguls have reduced American journalism to sensational tabloid news framed in advertizing copy, splattered on billboards and banners,pasted to the sides of buses and high rise buildings, throughout every town and city in the United States.

Let’s all Dance with the Stars, and sing with the newest American Idol, get down with Homer Simpson and the Family Guy, and elect our next president by Nielson ratings instead of going to the polls to vote. Voter fraud on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars is a far greater crime according to the American media, than Republican or Democratic voter fraud in the national elections. Serial killers and child molestors receive far more media blame and attention, and public condemnation; than the monsterously corrupt , mass murdering sponsors of genocide, George W. Bush , Dick Cheney and all other ongoing brutal dictators around the world sponsoring genocide.

As the networks gear up for another month of Minnesota bridge construction meetings, and interviews with retired bridge engineers, and survivors of the bridge collapse and their families,the Bush administration will be conspiring to set off another pseudo terrorist attack, and veto important legislation, and claim executive priviledge to protect his corrupt and lying Atty General and close advisors, so they can continue to steal more American treasure and freedoms. Bush and Cheney cronies in Haliburton and Bechtel and all other Bush embraced defense contractors, are greedily eyeing the latest congressional approved defense budget of 480 billion dollars. Where is the reporting? Where are the investigations of war profiteers? Where are the investigations and impeachment proceedings for G.W Bush and Dick Cheney? Where the hell are the real reporters, real journalists, real men and women of professional integrity and commitment to honest,accurate and courageous reporting?

Network journalism is a hustler’s game. Hustlers and Hucksters all pushing for their one minute of fame in primetime, to advance careers and ratings into multi million dollar salaries and corporate earnings. Real journalists have never been in the mainstream media. Real jounalists are now writing and broadcasting in small newspapers, producing independent documentaries, writing for their own and other web sites. They are reporting their investigations and are berated, criticized and ignored by the mainstream media,as liars or as bloggers of questionable credentials. At the same time mainstream media reporters are stealing the credit and plagerizing stories from these same journalists they discredit. Nationally syndicated columnists also steal from small sites and bloggers to meet their own syndicated columns deadlines.

The American mainstream media is dead. It was not murdered, nor did it die from natural causes, it committed suicide. All that remains of whatever it was is a skeleton with an aged and sagging body and cratered face, masked for television cameras by botox,cosmetic surgery,and $1500 dollar a day makeup artists.


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