Aug 27 2007

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I can recall only one other Attorney General as bad or worse than Alberto Gonzo Gonzales in my lifetime his name was John Mitchell, Attorney General for Richard Nixon. His crimes got him jail time. He also was noted as a wife beater. His wife Martha Mitchell was responsible for cracking the Watergate scandal when she revealed to the media that her husband drugged her and put her in a closet to try to keep her quiet. I think Gonzo would have approved of that method, since he approved of the torture at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo.

It’s a good thing that Gonzo has resigned. Unfortunately he has escaped justice by resigning and refusing to testify before Congress. Dubya will declare executive priviledge to keep him from testifying, and then pardon him if he needs to. Too bad the Congress doesn’t have the courage to go after him and impeach Dubya at the same time.

It’s interesting to note that whoever replaces Gonzo will probably be another Bush Buddy, maybe Harriet Meirs . Without a doubt it will be a joke of an appointment. It will be someone who will legally authorize Dubya to execute his political enemies and declare Marshall Law. We all thought Gonzo and Ashcroft were bad. Wait for the next Dubya Attorney General. He or she will make Ashcroft and Gonzo look good. Our contemptable congress is as useless as a drain pipe in a six year drought. The chances of Dubya appointing a decent and competent Attorney General to replace Gonzo is virtually nill.

So Hip Hip Hurray, Gonzo is finally gone, tossed into the trash heap along with every other G.W Bush appointee since 2000. Rove is leaving in September, Gonzo is gone , Rumsfeld is gone, Libby is gone, practically every original member of the G.W Bush administration has been replaced and left under a cloud of scandal. A truly remarkable legacy. Now if G.W and Dick Cheney could be trampled over by a stampeding herd of congressional cattle, proded by the total outrage and disgust of the American people, the United States and it’s constitution might have a chance at surviving the next few years.


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