Apr 18 2012

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I was reviewing a lecture on YouTube the other day. The lecture was by Xel Lungold, who has a series of lectures regarding the Mayan Calendar. I have spoken about this many times on my radio show and also written about it on this web site. The reason I bring it up again is because according to the Mayan Calendar, their prophecy of the end time in 2012, is nearly upon us.

I highly advise my readers to watch these three or four lectures by Xel Lungold . They explain in great detail the advent of human evolution and the rise of human consciousness. Mr. Lungold died last year at a young age . The cause for his death I am not certain of. His web site does not do him justice. His lectures do. They are a great tribute and legacy for a short life. They were brilliant, and clearly explained a very difficult subject .

After reviewing his lectures, I felt a great appreciation for all who were involved with filming and producing them. I thought of what a remarkable opportunity it was to be able to access this information. To hear and see the entire complexity of an ancient calendar and prophecy unfold before my eyes. To see and hear the amazing revelation of an end time prophecy, and be able to understand it clearly, and marvel at it’s remarkable accuracy of historical events, predicted thousands of years ago by the Mayans.

It amazed me to consider that my instant access to such esoteric and deeply religious and ancient prophecy was virtually at my figure tips. In the lecture Xel Lungold remarks; that what took thousands and hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate , learn and eventually diseminate to the public, can now be had almost instantaniously in books , videos , audio recordings and the internet. Technology has allowed humanity access to once very rare and hidden knowledge. Knowledge that can quickly heighten an individual’s consciousness, and explain the truth behind human creation, and understand humanity’s on going journey of ascention; that according to the Mayans, will end for many, and be achieved by many, by December 21, 2012. The final day of existence of all space and time.

The earth is going through the final phases of the Fifth day of the Galactic period, according to the Mayan Calendar. At this time between ll/23/06 and 11/15/07 , the earth and mankind are soon to meet their galactic neighbors. By the end of this year 2007, mankind will know he is not alone in the universe. He will know that higher intelligence exists in the universe, he will understand the multidemential realities that exist, and where many of our galactic neighbors are. This knowledge is already known to many. Millions of people have already seen and spoken and continue to meet with alien beings. Most people today accept the idea; that mankind is not alone in the universe. According to the Mayan Calendar, this knowledge will soon be known by all humanity. Great signs and sightings will be seen and made public. Alien communication will be so obvious; that it will not be able to be denied by any government’s official story. I highly advise my readers to watch this series of lectures by Xel Lungold, now available on YouTube under his name. Listen to them carefully and watch the prophecy unfold before your eyes. Then consider running for cover. However, before you run for cover, please share this knowledge and these lectures by Xel Lungold with a friend or family member who will listen. Talk to others about it. If the Mayan Prophecy is real; then I hope my readers will be prepared to accept the great changes to come, in the very near future.


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