Jun 23 2020

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Peter Navarro is Trump’s Greatest Sycophant



Through all my years as a political observer and talk show host I have never witnessed such a complete and utter sycophant as Peter Navarro, I thought everyone in the Trump administration had their heads up Trump’s ass but Navarro has his head so far up Trump’s ass it’s implanted in Trump’s colon. Wow, that is an amazing feat for anyone even Trump’s recent 6200 brain dead followers who attended the Trump Tulsa Oklahoma rally and are now all likely to have Coronavirus and die from it or infect their families. friends, coworkers, and townships with the deadly disease.

Navarro stated in his reply to CNN’s Jake Tapper interview question regarding the reduction of COVID 19 testing. that Trump was making a “tongue in cheek joke” about cutting back on COVID 19 testing because it makes him look bad the more positive tests there are. Recent mainstream reports state that Trump has cut back on funds for COVID 19 testing and funding for a cure. Navarro first warned Trump about the “China virus” back in January, but Trump ignored it and the U.S now has over 2.2 million cases of COVID 19 and over 120,000 people dead. Navarro should be shot and stuffed on the wall of the Oval Office as a warning to all of what a sick, lying, Trump sycophant looks like. right next to Steven Miller and KellyAnne Conway. Trump’s administration and West Wing nest of parroting morons will go down in history as the most ignorant, ambitious, corrupt, and inept group of Presidential aids and idiots ever put together by any President.

I blame the cowardly Congress for their invertebrate actions against Trump and his sycophant Senate leaders McConnel and Graham who have made a complete mockery of senatorial competence. These idiots have brought down the integrity of the institution to a cesspool of corruption, bigotry, and insanity. The Trump impeachment trial was a complete mockery of senatorial integrity and justice. Mitch McConnel and Lynsey Graham should be censured and removed from their seats and the senate of grounds of sheer incompetence and corruption. It’s time for a major change in the U.S government or the United States will be less than a third world country whose citizens are reduced to internal war and poverty, joblessness, and ignorance. We are there already through our corrupt system of elections and the level of the utter incompetence of our “elected” politicians. Everyone in the U.S Government national, state and local prove time and again that money is all that matters to getting elected, and racism, cruelty, bribery, and ignorance are the main bywords of American Government.








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