Jan 06 2020

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Donald Trump and his advisors are so stupid, he nor they realize how simple it would be for Iran to destroy Trump individually and internationally without involving an entire war with countless deaths and destruction of infrastructures and countries in the West and the Middle East. Trump is the most vulnerable world leader with 80% of the American People supporting his Impeachment and removal from office, as well as 100% of the World countries hate him, for being a dangerous, belligerent, wannabe, idiot, psychopathic dictator, who is destroying world trade agreements, endangering the world economy and national and international security. 80% of Americans would stand back and laugh at Trump as they do now, if every asset and every property Trump owns would be wiped out, or seized leaving him penniless and imprisoned in solitary confinement for the remainder of his life or to share a prison cell with his moronic sons and son-in-law.

Trump’s entire family, fortune and future are tied up in his international resorts and real estate developments. Now that he has personally encouraged World War III by directing a targeted assassination of the second most powerful man in Iran, he has made #1 targets of every Trump family member, investor, Fox News friend, Cabinet members or W.H. personnel working directly for Trump or his family in his many world wide vulnerable properties and resorts. All middle eastern allies with the U.S are now vulnerable to Iranian attacks from rebel groups inside countries and Iranian armies and proxies building upon the borders of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Every major U.S city is now spending millions of dollars in additional securty to avoid terror attacks by Iran. The billion-dollar U.S embassy in Iraq has been recently bombed and destroyed, even the residential areas housing U.S military personal, ambassadors and State Department officials of which three have been killed in the raid.

My suggestion to alleviate global tensions and provide World Peace and Justice which I believe would be supported and encouraged by 80% of the American people and 100 percent of all other people in the world is to hand over Trump, Pence and every member of his war criminal Cabinet to Iranian officials and let them do what they want with them without any retaliation or further involvement by the United States. The Iranians could either tear them to shreds on the streets of Iran, or they could place them on public trial and execute them by beheading.

Ridding the World of Donald Trump is much easier than getting involved in a World War. Just ask the American People if they would prefer Trump’s personal demise or the demise of millions in a world war. I believe that is a very easy question to answer.



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