Nov 18 2019

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Being in Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s shoes today would be one of the worse possible places in the world except, for where he will be on Wednesday appearing in front of the House Intelligence Committee in a public Impeachment hearing as a star witness to the crimes of President Donald Trump. Sondland must realize what Trump’s now imprisoned personal lawyer and “Fixer” Micheal Cohen’s public warning meant, to all who get too close to Trump.

Imagine paying $1,000,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign for an appointment to  Ambassador to the European Union, having no diplomatic experience and whose sole business experience is someone who owns hotels. Sondland became one of the “Three Amigos” in Trump’s Cabinet with Rudy Guliani to set up the bribery and extortion of the New President of Ukraine. Sondland was stupid enough to make an open call to Trump at the White House in front of 3 State Dept. officials who were with him in a Ukrainian restaurant, after their meeting with President Zelensky.  All three overheard Trump loudly talking into the phone about the extortion of the President of Ukraine.  One State Dept. official asked Sondland how concerned was Trump about the Ukrainians, Sondland scoffed and said: ” The President doesn’t give a shit about the Ukrainians at war with Russia, he’s only interested in the big stuff, getting dirt on the Bidens.”

Sondland already lied once to Congress about his talks with Trump on Ukrainian issues, and never mentioned the phone call he made at the restaurant one day after the 7/25/19 recorded call between Trump and Zelensky president of Ukraine. One of the three State Dept.witnesses to the phone call made by Sondland has testified that the call was made in front of 3 witnesses who heard it. Sondland was made Acting Ambassador after Trump fired Ambassador Marie Vavanovitch who gave her public testimony on Friday 11/15/19 about the reason she was terminated by Trump.

Sondland is in extremely hot water, and may not answer the Committee’s questions in Wednesday’s hearing since his choices are to face a Federal Indictment for lying to Congress or testify truthfully and be fired by Trump after his public testimony becomes the final evidence to cause Trump’s impeachment.


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