Nov 18 2019

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the quad 2019

The Quad is┬ácomprised of four of the most fanatical far-right reactionaries in the House of Representatives taking on the impossible impeachment defense of Donald Trump, while Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guliani is about to be indicted for bribery and treason, and Trump’s former personal lawyer Micheal Cohen is serving 3 years in jail for campaign finance fraud, with Trump sited as a co-conspirator. Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort is serving 7.5 years in jail for fraud and tax evasion, and Trump’s long-time friend of 40 years Rodger Stone and campaign advisor was just convicted of 5 counts of lying to Congress and two counts of Witness Tampering.

The Quad is about to make history this week as they defend Trump against 8 more damning State Dept. witnesses. Why would The Quad risk their entire careers and reputations defending the most criminal, ignorant and ruthless President whoever held the office? I believe they were either bribed or blackmailed by Trump, or they are TRUMP TRUE BELIEVERS and apostles willing to martyr themselves on the cross of public opinion for their God Donald J. (for Jesus) Trump.






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