Jun 17 2018

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The end of Donald Trump’s presidency is drawing near. Robert Mueller announced that his investigation will be finished this summer. As the temperature rises in the next few months through July and August so will the investigation get hotter and hotter for Trump and all of his associates. The question is “How much does Mueller know ?”  Be assured that Mueller now knows everything, except whether Paul Manafort will flip on Trump and his Russian ties. Now that Manafort is in jail and facing a 30-year sentence or possible assassination in prison, he might decide suicide is the easiest way out.

Mueller is clever, like a cat playing with its prey.  Mueller must have enough on Trump to put him behind bars by now, however, Mueller is waiting for Trump to have a public breakdown, which he already did in his impromptu press conference on the White House lawn Friday morning. Mueller can’t wait for the chance to question Trump one on one, which Trump states he wants to do against his attorneys’ advice. Trump is falling apart emotionally and physically and cannot control himself from blurting out lies and obscenities to the media.

The latest indictment of the Trump family charity puts Trump in another scandal that implicates his entire family.  The jailing of Manafort and the indictment of Michael Cohen Trumps former Fixer and personal attorney and the confiscation of all his personal files is causing Trump more problems than he can handle.  His big Singapore Summit is considered nothing but a bad, rushed together meeting, to pump up Trump public relations and satisfy his own narcissism, raising the international status of a ruthless dictator.

It’s over, and Trump and his administration know it. If he resigns Pence may be implicated in the Russian collusion, though this may be kept silent by the Mueller team so as not to disturb the Trump Republican loyalists in the House and Senate. It is hard to believe that Pence wasn’t well aware of the Russian influence in Trump and his election. It will all be brought out in the next few months.

L.A. Steel


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