Jun 14 2018

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I don’t follow any Trump Supporter’s argument, because they believe that Donald Trump is highly honorable and truly Fit For Office, knowing he had an affair with Stormy Daniels and other porn stars and playmates, while his 3rd wife was pregnant.

They still believe in the honor and Christian virtue of Trump, and that he is the second coming of Christ. They honestly think he’s Donald Jesus Trump after he and his Atty Mike Cohen admitted to paying off $130,000 to Stormy Daniels to keep the affair quiet one month before the presidential election.

How can his supporters still believe that Trump has said anything of truth to the American People? It has been confirmed by valid media sources that Trump has lied over 3000 times to the media and his most loyal followers since he started his presidential campaign in 6/15. His followers don’t believe Mike Cohen was paid 1.3 million dollars by AT&T as a lobbyist to gain influence with Trump, even though AT&T admitted it to Mueller. Isn’t it interesting to see AT&T’s sudden win over the DOJ lawsuit against their 85 billion dollar merger?

Trump supporters appear to be clueless about Robert Mueller’s investigation indicting 23 including 13 Russian cyber Trolls that rigged the 2016 election. They don’t believe, though it has been proven by Mueller’s investigation, that billions of Russian Oligarch and mob dollars were laundered through the Trump real estate companies, and those of his son in law Jarred Kushner, or the 5 guilty verdicts already given to Trump’s campaign advisers.

It is the growing and vast belief of the majority of American People that Donald J. Trump is the most corrupt, cruel, incompetent and dangerous man to ever hold the office of President, with the exception of G.W. Bush, who is still wanted by world courts as a war criminal.





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