Apr 06 2012

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Lee Whitnum for Senate

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  1. abalpMip

    best for you

  2. Foffa

    The imperialists soildcng the colonized. What is really shocking is how pissed off the white guys were .the only word I could think of was, entitled cant you brown skinned people get it? We decided a long time ago we were top dog, get with the program.Underneath it all, I think the real fight is for who gets to define what is and what isn’t. The western countries feel that they can dictate terms to the rest of the world and call it whatever they want; economic liberalization democratic reform blah blah blah zionism is just a really blatant example of this dynamic. To the west, if zionism is deemed illegitimate, so to is the moral basis for western economic domination of the region (we’re here to help and protect, don’t worry about the big guns) The whole propaganda machine is totally fucked. If zionism is racism, then neo-liberalism is neo-feudalism, globalization is colonialism and maybe most importantly stability is instability ..If people are allowed to define things on their own, it’s all over for the rich white guys .

  3. David Evans

    Lee Whitnum is what we need in our Congress, as she knows the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. For far too long, Israel’s agents within both Houses, and within the Executive branch have had too much say in US foreign policy, as Israel continues to defy scores of binding UN Security Council Resolutions and other tenets of international law, including Geneva Convention IV, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aggressive, even murderous policies of Israel have cost the US allies, and made enemies of former allies, while our Congress continues to send billions of US tax dollars to Israel.


    Zionism is a political movement that has created a racist, apartheid state with yet undeclared borders, as Israel’s leaders continue illegal colony building on Palestinian lands:

    Judaism is the original of three monotheistic major religions on our planet. Zionism and Israel have no place in the great Judaic religion, according to the Jewish Holy books. They are abominations, and these good people and Lee Whitnum know this:


    But Zionist propagandists have so successfully conflated Zionism, Judaism and Israel, that many of us don’t know this, and we allow our legislators to be unduly influenced by the Zionist Lobby, and send money abroad to defend Israel’s illegal acts while our infrastructure and social programs go lacking at home.


    Electing knowledgeable and courageous legislators like Lee Whitnum is the only way we are go solve this problem, and the only way we are going to help Israel’s citizens save themselves from suicide-by- continuing-belligerence in a part of the world that is rapidly changing.

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