Jan 05 2005

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“There is in a society that rests upon industry the constant danger of Barbarism…” Theodore Roosevelt

The world has endured Feudalism, Communism, Fascism,Racism,Socialism,Stalinism, Catholicism, Protestantism,Zionism,Radicalism,Conservatism, and countless other isms, but now the world must endure the most ominous and globally threatening philosophy of world domination ever conceived and the driving force behind a military and madman that could destroy the entire planet.

The present U.S military industrial complex was created under the false belief by the people of the United States that it would preserve, protect and defend lasting peace and prosperity and defense from our foreign enemies. We have been deceived by corrupt militaristic leaders who have unleashed the most horrific military force never before witnessed on the planet. The great people of the United States are beginning to realize the betrayal of their present government and are now identifying the treasonous cowards in their congress and senate who have cowered to G.W.Bush and oil and defense industry lobbyists.

As the United States spins into economic ruin G.W.Bush and our corrupt and cowardly congress passed a tax bill that gave each voting member of congress a minimum of a $90,000 dollar tax refund,(all members of the house and senate are in the one percent income bracket)while they have decimated our public education system, welfare system, Social Security and Medicare and diverted untolled billions of dollars destroying artificial enemies to distract our attention while they shred the Constitution that protects our sacred rights as a free people.

Millions of Americans have and are protesting this horrid selected and fraudulently elected administration and yet are ignored by the corporate owned and government controlled media and our cowardly, corrupt congress. Our cities and airports have been seized by our military and police who are paid by our tax dollars to surveillance, wiretap and harass each and every citizen based solely upon the agent’s or officer’s individual discretion and judgment as to who they might consider as suspicious.

Our young soldiers have been sent to fight on battlegrounds around the world and must defend themselves from the hatred of United States’ enemies. Those enemies created by the blundering, imperialistic and inept policies of our own incompetent leaders. Our soldiers must try to believe that they are placing their lives in jeopardy for the good of their country while at the same time they know they are only canon fodder for the artillery of the international plutocracy of arms dealers and munitions manufacturers and financiers that create wars to control the world’s economies, or bring into compliance leaders of countries who refuse to allow them to plunder the wealth, pride and natural resources of their country. Our young men and women in the military are asked to face death or torture at the immediate orders of a mad, cowardly, fraudulently elected president who himself went A.W.O.L during his questionable service in the Air National Guard.

The following ten terms and their definitions are direct from Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. They are being used in this article to identify and define each philosophical, political and psychological concept that influenced and created the most rapidly spreading, universally feared psycho-political, economic plague ever unleashed on the human race. BUSHISM!!!

BARBARISM: Any idea art or performance that runs counter to prevailing standards of good taste or what is intellectually or artistically sound or correct. Backwardness, the practice or display of barbarian acts, attitudes and ideas of barbarous cruelty or brutality.
MAMMONISM: Riches regarded as an object of worship and greedy pursuit. Wealth or material gain as evil deified.
PLUTOCRACY: Government by the wealthy a controlling class of rich men.
TOTALITARIANISM: Of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of the life and productive capacity of the nation esp. by coercive measures as censorship and terrorism.
FASCISM: A philosophy or system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right typically through the merging of state and business leaders, together with an ideology of belligerent nationalism.
NATIONALISM: Excessive, narrow or jingoist patriotism, chauvinism. The doctrine that national interest, security etc. are more important than international considerations…
IMPERIALISM: Imperial government or authority. The policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire in seeking to control raw materials and world markets by the conquest of other countries, the establishment of colonies etc. The policy and practice of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of underdeveloped areas or weaker countries.
CONSERVATIVISM: A political viewpoint supporting tradition and established institutions and preferring gradual development to abrupt change, tendency to prefer an existing situation or way and to be suspicious of change.
REPUBLICANISM: Of relating to or constituting a political party in the U.S usually associated with business, financial and some agricultural interest and favoring a restricted governmental role in social and economic life.
INSANITY: Any form or degree of mental derangement or unsoundness of mind, permanent or temporary, that makes a person incapable of what is regarded legally as normal, rational conduct or judgment: it usually implies a need for hospitalization. Great folly; extreme senselessness.

L.A. Steel

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