Apr 02 2012

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Last night on my fm show I interviewed Clifford Carnicom the foremost chemtrail researcher in the U.S. His interview can be heard tonight at 8:00pm E.S.T on this website, click on Listen Live. Tune into the archives for 2/6/08 on blogtalkradio.com/lasteelshow.org.

For those who are unfamiliar with Chemtrails please go to carnicominstitue.com or bariumblues.com both are in my link section. It is a difficult situation to be in to want to warn people of the danger that is over their heads, and few people are willing to listen; even when they see the the problem with their own eyes. No one wants to believe their own government would authorize the complete destruction of the atmosphere for military, or population reduction purposes however; that is exactly what is happening. I refer my readers to The Global 2000 government report issued by the Carter Administration and signed off by the Reagan Administration in 1981. This report was authorized under Jimmy Carter and conducted in great part by Z.Brezinski, Carter’s National Security Advisor and co founder of Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. The report was later under the guidence of Henry Kissinger.

The Global 2000 Report was a government report that evaluated the problems of over population by the year 2000. Many areas of human population reduction were studied. One of the methods of global population reduction was weather modification and bioweapons, to be used on certain concentrations of the global population. The U.S was one of the countries chosen to conduct the assault on it’s population. A copy of the report can be seen by googling Global 2000 Report. Wikapedia has a brief explanation.

The goal of those who implemented the program was to reduce the global population by three billion people by 2000, and further reduce the global population by two thirds by the year 2050. The report cites numerous problems; that will occur once the human population exceeds the capacity of the planet to provide for all it’s human inhabitants. Aresol spraying of bio weapons has been engaged in since the early 1960’s in the U.S. Published reports released by the Freedom of Information Act,and declassified by the U.S government, state the areas of the country these tests were conducted. The main stream media has not and will not talk about this issue. No weather service will permit this information to be released , or be investigated. All the evidence of Chemtrail activity throughout the globe has been compiled by independent researchers, and spoken about through independent radio, video, and cable television programs. Congressman Dennis Kucinich coined the term ” Chemtrails” in his bill The Space Preservation Act of 2001, bill H.R. 2977. In the bill he defines Chemtrails as an exotic weapons system, along with other systems, such as laser weapons, electronic, phycotronic or information weapons, plasma, electromagnetic, sonic or ultrasonic weapons, and high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems.

There is no confirming government agency that acknowledges this program however, there is a new bill in the U.S Senate, that authorizes the use of Weather Modification programs. This bill is designed to simply approve what has already taken place illegally since 1998, when chemtrailing, and weather modification experiments began.

I have spoken of this on my radio show many times. I have mentioned it to hundreds of people personally, and I have written about it. As I sit here in my study, I am looking out my window and see a silver cloud of fog enveloping the entire landscape. This fog has been upon this area for the last three days. On Sunday of this week some of the heaviest chemtrailing ever witnessed in this area was reported to me by many local observers. I have seen the planes, and heard them overhead. I have witnessed first hand the loss of sunlight and blue skies, because of these chemtrailing planes. I have cursed them, and all who cause them. I have cursed myself for not speaking out more loudly and more often, on the destruction of my world’s atmosphere, and for the billions of men women and children, who are suffering from this man made physical assault upon them. I can no longer be silent on this issue. The murder of billions of people, and the destruction of the global ecosystem is happening before my eyes. Increases in air borne deseases are at an all time high , severe upper and lower respiratory ailments, lime disease, aids, tuberculosis, hepititis, cancer, the list of diseases is endless. The CDC or Center for Disease Control is doing little or nothing to combat these diseases, or warn of them, as money for research is cut by the Bush Administation and Congress. Little or no news is mentioned about these biological plagues that kill hundreds of millions of people every year throughout the world. There is no mention of the tainted vaccines, medicines, and birth control methods; that kill or sterilize millions of women in the developing countries. There is no mention of the reasons for the mass murder of millions, by government sponsored genocide, and pre-emptive wars, authorized by U.N resolutions. There is no mention of the poisoning of the air and fresh water supplies by mining and drillling companies, or lumber companies,and the theft of billions of gallons of fresh water from reservoirs, national reserves, by the corporations, who bottle water for resale. Millions of families around the world are being evicted from their ancestrial lands and forced onto less fertile, less sustainable lands, to face oppressive poverty, starvation and death.

It is time now for someone to take a stand not only for the preservation of the planet , but for the preservation of humanity. I can no longer stand by and allow this to happen without taking a stand against it. No one can. Those who read my words will either act upon what they have read, or ignore it. They will take a stand to save their own lives and the lives of their families, or they will shrug off any personal responsibility and laugh at, or ignore this warning. I suggest to all who read this to listen to the interview with Clifford Carnicom this evening on this website, at 8pm. E.S.T . , but most will not. Most will not look up in the sky on any given day and see the lines of poisonous white and silver plums that scar the sky. Many will simply ignore it all, not look up for fear of what they will see, and walk on, or go inside their homes, close their doors and shades and not deal with the reality; that they and billions of their fellow world citizens are being systematically murdered by their own governments.


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    It’s possible but more likely they want to destroy 2/3 of all human life forms. Google Global2000report.

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