Jun 10 2017

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I laughed , when Donald Trump offered to testify under oath about his conversation with James Comey. Trump is a serial liar and will lie and lie and lie until his face melts with dishonesty. Trump is a proven liar, even when under oath.  Trump lying is just another typical  day’s activity for him, whether he was President or not.

I have to shake my head in disbelief when I hear Trump supporters trying to white wash his insane statements and his statement made by his personal attorney.  Imagine Trump is so damned dishonest he needed his personal attorney, not a White House spokesman, to announce that James Comey is a liar, and Trump is a saint. Putting Trump under oath is like putting his attorney under oath, both professional liars paid to lie , why would anyone in their right mind, believe either of them about anything they say?

If Donald Trump comes out of these hearings and the investigation of Special Prosecutor Mueller,unscathed, the country and the world will know without question that Trump and all of his cronies and opponents in and outside of the government are paid off, or professionally and personally threatened and  pressured, to white wash the investigation, similar to 911, all of G.W Bush’s crimes, and all of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s, and Barack Obama’s crimes.  Democrats have too many of their own crimes to honestly accuse Trump of impeachable crimes. If Clinton had won the election the American people would be calling for her head, and demanding she be “locked up”.  The only way to have honesty in government, is to demand it, vote for it, and stand guard over it, so Americans are not being deceived by their elected leaders.

Politics is a blood sport, and everyone in it is ready to fight each other by anyway they can. Hillary Clinton had six witnesses willing to testify against her, mysteriously murdered in 2016, and the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation has been missing for over 6 months. Eric Braverman was the CEO hired by Chelsea Clinton to uncover her parents’s pay for play scam with the Clinton Foundation. After Hillary’s election defeat the Clinton Foundation was closed and the CEO went missing, no body was ever found and his where about is unknown to the public. The DNC has been sued for fraud, and its former Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz is under indictment for rigging the Democratic Primaries.  One of their former workers who leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks before the election was shot in the head execution style outside of his home. It was determined not to be a robbery, because nothing was taken from him, but his life.

The entire government is filthy and corrupt, and everyone in it is a proven liar. What an international  joke Trump under oath will be. The quintessential Congressional Hearing of Hypocrisy will go down in history as the greatest reality show on earth, where Reality is a myth, and everyone including Trump will be smiling sickeningly at the cameras trying to insure the cameras catch their best profiles.

Let the farce begin. Putting Trump under oath will hopefully cause him to choke and gasp for air, until he has a complete meltdown and anxiety attack in front of the world. Lying to all Americans and the entire world has been Trump’s mainstay in office, and on his campaign, but now according to recent polls less than 30% of Americans believe anything Trump says, and realize he is a serial, pathological liar. If he is under oath he should be attached to a lie detector as well, with each question’s result flashed on Twitter and shown on national television during the hearing.  I would bet that the lie detector would over load and sound a siren during Trump’s reading of his written testimony, and during his public hearing questioning.

L.A. Steel


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