Jun 09 2017

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Comey Had His Day

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The tension mounted as nearly a billion people watched James Comey’s testimony before the Intelligence Committee. It appears that state secrets were stolen by the Russians and may have effected the Presidential election and the security of the U.S . However, Comey stated that he saw no evidence of direct rigging of the election from all voting data. He did attack Donald Trump as a liar, and said Trump pushed him to stop his investigation of Russian Influence, and to not pursue his investigation of Mike Flynn.  The real surprise in all of his testimony was how he stated he asked for help from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and asked him not to let him be alone with Donald Trump so he wouldn’t be compromised without a witness.  Trump did exactly that . He pressured Comey to drop his Russian investigation into his election, and into his staff’s connections with Russia.

Comey knew his end at the FBI was near. When Trump fired him, he then insulted Comey publicly, and told the Russians in a meeting that Comey was “a nut job”. and incompetent as were the leadership and staff in the FBI. Trump is a proven liar. Comey new Trump would lie about their meeting and took copious notes about the meeting during and immediately after. He stated he leaked his information to the media via a “friend”, to offset all lies and allegations Trump made against him. We all know Donald Trump is a serial liar.  He had his own personal lawyer make a statement against Comey and his testimony, stating Comey lied about everything. I believe James Comey, because he was put in a bad position, and left their by Jeff Sessions who refused to oversee the Trump and Comey discussion.  Jeff Sessions should resign. He will be asked to testify  soon and at that time Trump’s lies and accusations will be exposed for what they are.

I believe Trump will have impeachment proceedings against him by the 4th of July 2017 and hopefully resign or be arrested for high crimes and treason by Thanks Giving. So all celebrating Americans will have a great American Thanks Giving for ridding themselves of the biggest crook and liar to ever be President of the United States.





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