Jan 15 2017

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What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say About Donald Trump’s Inauguration ?

I  wonder what the great man and prophet Martin Luther King Jr.  would say if he were alive today? Would he have approved of Barack Obama’s presidency or would he have been a vocal critic of his globalist policies and the Clintons’ corruption, Democrat stupidity, and the disenfranchisement of Black and White Americans.  Would he have been as critical of Obama as Farrakan is , or Cornell West and other Black American leaders,. or would he have commended John Lewis for being a Hillary Super Delegate and a corrupt Democrat Party puppet ?

All Americans today should be grateful to Martin Luther King Jr. for leading the Civil Rights Movement.  What would he have to say about Jeff Sessions ?  What would he say about Donald Trump’s election ?  What would he have said about the plight of minority and white Americans today? I believe he would say what he said before. Racism is an economic issue. All poor and disenfranchised people are at war with the wealthy.  If Donald Trump can unify the country with prosperity and full employment  for all able Americans , then he will have succeeded in closing the great class and racial divide.

It isn’t a Black or White issue anymore, it is lack of opportunity, national security, and competence in government. Donald Trump was elected by members of all minority and majority groups in America, except for the 11 million illegal immigrants. Many of them are marching today in 50 American cities to protest the legally verified presidential election of Donald Trump. They fear their deportation and loss of Obama given rights, to be taken away from them. Illegal Immigration is a major problem in the U.S and all other countries. 3 million illegal immigrants in the U.S are convicted criminals of violent crimes, being protected by illegal and unconstitutional Sanctuary Cities in the U.S.  I don’t think Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of John Lewis or all the other Black legislators who are boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration.This is not the way to racial and economic unity.   Frankly very few Americans care what Black legislators and race activists do, or who they are, and these Democrat Black legislators are making fools of themselves in the national media, and have become figures of national contempt as defenders of Black Racism.  Barack Obama may well be the last Black President, unless this hatred and racism by Black Americans ends.  Future Black presidential candidates like Corey Booker, will never get beyond his current position, and based on his foolish, self serving testimony against Jeff Sessions, proves he isn’t worthy or  competent to serve in his own Senate seat, and will always be known as racially motivated and too incompetent, to serve the American people. .

Americans do not want Black Racists or White Racists running their country.   Americans want racial and economic fairness and unity. We want peace and prosperity and security, and to live in a great country.  Trump has promised to make the U.S great , and all Americans must work for and believe in the vision of American greatness. That vision was witnessed and shared by Martin Luther King Jr. and many Civil Rights Activists  and leaders. The following pictures are a tribute to the men and women in the Civil Rights Movement, and to all the men and women regardless of their race, who demanded and received equality under the law. The sacrifices of those great men and women must not be diminished or forgotten, but their cause of racial equality, economic fairness and “hope and change” for all Americans is what put Barack Obama in the White House for two terms. It was the greed, incompetence and utter stupidity of the 2016 Democrat Presidential and legislative candidates, their staffs, and the incompetent , corrupt leaders of the Democratic National Committee, that lost the election.  Democrats will never come back from this disaster or be trusted again, and they will never be forgotten by Americans , as the “Party of Hate” and puppets of the Globalists’ New World Order.

L.A. Steel


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