Jan 12 2017

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Are John Lewis and Cory Booker black racists ? They have shown every tendency that they are, with their obvious hatred and distrust of all white people, displayed in their recent testimonies.  I think John Lewis has forgotten that thousands of White people stood with Black and other peoples of other races in the civil rights marches he so proudly speaks about.  John Lewis became an Icon of the Civil Rights Movement and rightly so, but in his entire testimony he mentioned no facts or evidence of Jeff Sessions’s racism, except for his assertion that Jeff Sessions was born in South Alabama, before and during the Civil Rights Movement was reason enough to deny his appointment and slander his reputation. These attacks by both Representative John Lewis and Senator Cory Booker are nothing more than racist insults to a White man without any substantiation of guilt. The sad history of slavery and segregation are disfiguring scars on this nation, however those scars were greatly healed over by the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012.

I well recall a once famous, disgraced, former Senator from Connecticut, and Vice Presidential Candidate in 2000, Joe Lieberman who proudly boasted that he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was self righteously wonderful for his great and glorious sacrifice of ruining a pair of shoes.  Joe Lieberman was later proven to be nothing more than a Globalist opportunist, and no one to be proud of . He along with his Republican best friend John McCain were the two greatest war hawks and idiots in the Senate.  Lieberman was the strongest proponent in the Senate for a “China like censorship ” of media and the internet. He was later kicked out of the Democrat Party for campaign fraud and famous idiotic statements,insane policies and prejudices..

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Booker would rather spew their hate filled memories of their own racial struggles as Black Americans by insulting and indicting Jeff Sessions for attitudes and racial hatred he never had. Mr. Lewis was born in South Alabama , and lived there at the same time Jeff Sessions did. Mr. Lewis’s logic for condemning Sessions is based only on Sessions time and place of birth, not on his career decisions.  Lewis and Booker tried to convince everyone listening to them, that Jeff Sessions was a white racist because he was  from So. Alabama, without offering evidence, of his racism. Mr. Booker accused Jeff Sessions of ” smiling sincerely and being a nice guy ” , but said he still didn’t trust him.

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Booker both appeared to be under the permanent delusion that White men and women from the South are racists, because they live in the South.  Alabama was one of the most notoriously racist states in the country prior to and during the Civil Rights Era, however, no one who has served as dutifully as a U.S Attorney and 20 years in the Senate , without any evidence of racism in his character should not submit to or be submitted to these false accusations made by obviously racially incensed opponents to Jeff Sessions confirmation as Attorney General.  No other Atty General appointed by G.W Bush or Barack Obama have served their country as long or as honorably without scandal as Jeff Sessions.

With Obama’s farewell message fresh on Booker’s and  Lewis’s mind, they felt they were the last bastion for Black  racism in government. What these two Black Americans did not do, and obviously will never do is accept White Americans as non racist and not their enemies. What these two men neglected to say was that the overwhelming majority of Americans, Black , White , Latino and Asian all voted for Barack Obama, as the first Black American President. Even their own seats in the House and Senate were gained with the support of many races within their states and constituencies. Jeff Sessions has sworn under oath that he never discriminated against Black Americans while in the Senate or when he served as Alabama’s U.S Attorney , which was verified by many witnesses, and members of the Judiciary Committee. It is unsubstantiated allegations like those by Mr. Lewis and Mr. Booker and everyone who testified against Sessions, that cause racial divides in the U.S. Mr. Booker’s over acted , theatrical performance for racial unification of America was the most slobbering , hypocritical load of crap I have ever heard. I have included both video testimonies of Mr. Booker and Mr. Lewis to present a valid assumption based on their own statements. I believe Mr. Lewis and Mr. Booker are Black Racists, and their testimonies against Jeff Sessions should be viewed as inadmissible , slanderous, theatrical, racist rants, against an honorable appointee for U.S Attorney General.

To begin the new era of race relations under the Trump administration, I extend my hand of racial equality and  acceptance to all Americans regardless of their race, but as a citizen of the United States I will not condemn anyone of a “hate” crime or of racism unless their is proof of their guilt.  John Lewis and Cory Booker appear by their own testimonies to be Black Racists. I ask my readers to judge for themselves. I have included Sen. Ted Cruz’s statement of support for Jeff Sessions and his condemnation of the Democrat Senators and Representatives, and their false and error filled testimonies presented against Jeff Sessions.  I have publicly stated doubts about Ted Cruz during the 2016 presidential primaries. Regardless of my past opinions on Ted Cruz,  this video statement made by him in defense of Jeff Sessions I agree with, and as an American Citizen I am grateful to Senator Cruz for defending his colleague and approving Jeff Sessions for U.S Attorney General.

L.A. Steel




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