Dec 03 2004

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Howard Dean the Judas Goat 12/3/04

When a herd of sheep are led into a slaughter house they are led by a trained goat aptly named the Judas Goat. This goat leads the sheep into the slaughterhouse and takes a sharp right turn as the sheep continue to follow each other toward the left into holding pens where there throats are cut and they are hoisted upon meat hooks upside down as their blood drains into large containers. Then the sheep are gutted and their entrails collected and sorted. Their hides are skinned from the carcasses and then the carcasses are cleaned and washed down and placed on meat racks and hooks in coolers until they are packaged or shipped whole to retail outlets, where they are cut into palatable pieces by the local butcher and sold to the public.

Howard Dean was the Judas Goat of the American Peace Movement. This mindless robot of the Democratic Party Machine, a Yale Graduate and Skull and Bones wannabe,rich son of a wealthy Republican stock baron. He became a Dr. after he decided stock broking wasn’t his thing. Also medicine and surgery could rationalize his detachment to the human race which served him well in politics. Howard Dean teamed up with Joe Trippi and together they created the Dean Machine to herd the left wing voters away from Ralph Nader and destroy the American Peace Movement. Once Dean and Trippi dropped their pants in Iowa and mooned the world, they created the perfect opportunity to destroy their own candidacy and they did. Kerry and the other faux democratic candidates were all given cue cards and roles to play once the herd of sheep were heading into the doors of the Democratic slaughterhouse. Dean took his right turn and destroyed his own candidacy. But do not feel pity for the Judas Goat, he and his team mate Joe Trippi got 50 million dollars for the betrayal of the Peace Movement and the heart of the American liberal conscience.

The Trippi money machine stole over 90 million dollars for the Dean campaign from the small donations of millions of Americans who hated Bush and the Iraq War. All that was accounted for was 40 million, which at the time of Dean’s concession was more money than any other candidate had spent or received. Trippi paid himself and his advertizing firm over 10 million, and said the rest was paid out in payroll and travel expenses. Under current election laws all money collected by a candidate can be kept by the candidate and spent according to the candidate‚Äôs wishes. That Dean internet money machine was then used by John Kerry and even old Joe Lieberworm got into the picture firing his campaign manager early in the campaign because she would not let him take so much money out of the campaign coffers for personal use. He paid his children all six figure salaries while he ran for Prez. knowing he didn’t have a chance in hell of winning but knowing he had a great excuse to be absent from the senate and make 10 million bucks in the process, running around the country shaking hands and kissing babies. Hell I’d do that for 10 million. The honest and real liberals and peacemakers of this country believed in Howard Dean’s words and the possibility of beating Bush in a fair campaign. Dean had no ability but that of a crooked politician. Where is his insane scream now against the vast voter fraud in the 2004 election? Where is the mighty Howard Dean now, the Democrats’ phallic symbol on Viagra? The Judas Goat.


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